Windows 10 beta on Xbox One coming 'post-summer'

Want a taste of Windows 10 on your Xbox One? It's coming sooner than you might've thought. Xbox boss Phil Spencer tweeted today that a beta of the program that ties your console in with your desktop computer is coming "post-summer."

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crazychris41241032d ago

Is post summer the cool way to say autumn/fall?

Rimeskeem1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

it certainly is 'cooler'

ill see myself out

ThatOneRiggaNob1032d ago

LOL thanks for giving me my first chuckle of the day.

ERFO1032d ago

Yes. I genuinely laughed at this one. ThankYou.

kreate1032d ago

What if I dont want a win10 beta on my xbone?

SpaceRanger1032d ago

It's good to hear! I'm sure there will be more talk during E3 or closer to the start of the fall season with them kicking off their games. I can see PC gaming getting a shoutout E3 potentially.

But really, "Post-summer"? Is it that hard to say fall or early fall? It's actually less characters lol
I get it though that it's PR so that it doesn't sound so far away like most of their games at the end of the year. So I guess just including the word "summer" makes it seem like it's close... even though summer doesn't end till 3 months from now (August).

Reminds me of when Nintendo announced SSB and said it would release in "Winter of 2014".

rainslacker1032d ago

lol. I think you're reading too much into it. Post Summer probably means Fall. but Fall in the gaming world is a fairly short time frame, because after summer, you quickly move into the holiday season. That would coincide pretty closely to when it's believed Win10 will be released in July.

mhunterjr1032d ago

Sounds to me like their aiming for sometime after summer. It could be fall... Could be winter... Could slide into next year... They just know it won't be this this summer...

hello121032d ago

We don't know for sure if Halo 5 will be a Directx 12 game? My best bet at this time it will not be?

From the little we know Directx12 is meant to be coming with Windows 10

For DX12 to be available for Halo 5 preview members would need to be testing around September time.

Halo 5 releases Oct 27th

Dudebro901032d ago

I don't think you understand how an API works.

dcbronco1032d ago

Halo 5 will be dx12. DX12 spec is finished and should be released to developers in mass soon. The updates Xbox One has been getting over the last few months were most likely background OS additions. Microsoft demoed a video from a Chinese developer that updated a dx11 game to dx12 with just two guys in less than six weeks. I'm sure Microsoft is as good with dx12 so I seriously doubt that they wouldn't take advantage of it on their biggest system selling title. Especially given they have over five months to do it instead of five weeks. Plus 343 Industries was one of the teams that helped design dx12 so they have probably been using it since day one so that Microsoft could work out the kinks of the API.

holysmokesbatman1032d ago

Well, I like many others were in the multiplayer beta, and although it wasn't a finished product and was only 720p, I think it was a pretty good indication that Halo 5 wont be DX12.
Also they've probably been working on it since before Halo 4 was even released and I doubt DX12 was anywhere near workable back then or even a solid concept.

I expect Halo 6 to be the first in the series to fully adopt DX12.

TheCommentator1032d ago

There's a difference between a game patched to run DX12 and and an engine built to use the API. Halo 5 will likely be DX12 patched, full DX12 engines will hit by next fall. I expect GOW 4 to be revealed as one of the first full DX12 engines.

rainslacker1032d ago

A console game builds the API routines it needs into the game build. It doesn't need to be in the system. Sometimes, certain system handled functions may need to be updated within the system, but that doesn't require the full OS or even API.

In any case, rumor has it that Win10/DX12 will release on X1 this September.

I think it won't be full DX12 capable. But since the current DX11.2X on the X1 already has a lot of DX12 functionality it shouldn't really matter that much.

bananaboats1032d ago

awesome, that gives me enough time to build my PC, MS is doing a good job at taking over my living room

dcbronco1032d ago

I think when he talks about Windows 10 coming to Xbox One in this case he is referring to PC type features like creating documents and acting as a media center. Streaming Xbox games should happen much sooner.

Dover81032d ago

I've got the Win 10 Tech Preview on my PC already, and the Xbox One dashboard preview. Can't till I can stream my Xbox One games to my PC for when the kids are hogging the telly!

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