Atari Announces the Atari 7800 – Today in History – May 21st, 1984

Carl Williams writes, "We can sit here all day and play the “what if” game, especially when it comes to Atari and their antics throughout gaming history. For one, their Atari 7800 console was announced today, in 1984 but wasn’t released till sometime in 1986. How might things have been different had Atari launched, and pushed, the 7800 in 1984 rather than shelving it for two years? What changed in that two years? Well, Nintendo launched a little thing called the Nintendo Entertainment System in late 1985 and by 1986 had quite the hold on the gaming public. Essentially Atari was late to the party with too little to show off when the 7800 hit, almost with a wet thud."

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MultiConsoleGamer1184d ago

I still have mine. It really was a great system. I'm also looking forward to the Atari 7800 Expansion Module.

1184d ago
Geobros1184d ago

Happy birthday. I learned playing with that console.