Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity Announced

EA divulges more details on what to expect in it's new expansion, 'Criminal Activity'.

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crazychris4124857d ago

I'm sure will get more info and a video next week. EA probably wants nothing taking attention away from Need for Speed announcement coming tomorrow. Maybe I'll get the premium edition when it's on sale.

Ripsta7th856d ago

Its on sale right now i beleive
Deluxe edition hardline for $35
Not sure if that includes season pass

Skate-AK855d ago

No to the season pass. It just comes with some extra weapons and a couple other things. It's like the old "limited edtions" that EA would put out with vouchers for Disc Locked Content.

Tru_Blu856d ago

So the DLC is officially getting DLC..

Mikeyy855d ago

Can't wait for this. The current maps got stale fast.