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Am-No-Hero1158d ago

Just give me the batmobile and I will show the real batman

oh yeeeah

LackTrue4K1158d ago

To get the seasons pass and all the DLC, your gana need to be Bruce Wayne himself!
I want to holding out for complete collection next year. The wait is going to be hard.

hay1157d ago

Be selfless, be courageous, be feared. Buy Batman!

DragoonsScaleLegends1158d ago

I knew Batmans rule to not kill was just a myth. There's no way he doesn't kill people with his Batmobile. Even if that really is what he goes by I think torturing people like he does is worse than killing them.

Magicite1158d ago

No summer drought this summer!

-Foxtrot1158d ago

It's good but I don't really live action stuff for video games...gameplay and stuff taken from the game is what I like to see....that usually gets me more excited.

diesoft1158d ago

Still really interested in this game but I have to admit that season pass really took the wind out my sales.

_-EDMIX-_1158d ago

....just wait for the GOTY version. Or buy it used then the DLC, I mean you don't NEED the DLC bud. I'm waiting for the GOTY version as I've yet to even play a Batman game in this series and the one I got for free for PSN Plus doesn't have any of the DLC....yet I live lol

When I get Arkham City and Origin...I'm not getting the DLC with em either.

diesoft1158d ago

I realize that but I LOVE the arkham games so I really want to play all they offer. Just...not for $100. The used route I may have to do but I'd rather have a goty edition. Just saying...the $40 on top of $60 just kind of puts a dent in my momentum.

_-EDMIX-_1157d ago

@Diesoft- well for you, that makes sense I guess. I would still pay some respects to the team and buy it used, then buy the DLC online to save yourself some money. To love the series, show some respect to the team that got it there (well if your buying the GOTY version day 1, your fine). Though I buy used often, (not going to lie lol) I still end up buying some of their content new as I'm planning to get the GOTY edition new.

If i finish the series early, I may end up buying it used then buying the DLC if I like the main game and starve for more lol.

I personally like this route in gaming more then if game prices were at $80, as even at $80......we would still likely see DLC as they are looking to make money, not make "enough" money lol.

In the world of business "enough" isn't even a concept!

OpieWinston1158d ago

Buy the game, support the game because the Arkham games are awesome... And just wait for the Season pass or specific DLC you want to go on sale.

It'll happen within the year, or wait 2 years and get the GOTY version for $20.

No one has to buy the season pass right away.

Erik73571158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

This live action trailer is not that good..
Don't like the clitche in other commercials for games where it has a similar message saying "be balbalbal" "be a racer" "Be a soilder" etc.

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