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Blues Cowboy1102d ago

I love that it's described as an "expansion" too.

Not "DLC." "Expansion."

Get in.

bouzebbal1102d ago

since i saw that fan made video of Medievil, i can't stop thinking of a Mediavil expension for bloodborne. The worlds actually fit pretty well, the question is if Sony want to give MEdievil a more mature image.
Bloodborne expansion? count me in!

Ikonic1102d ago

Not to hate on Bloodborne but Destiny calls its DLC "Expansions" as well and they are hardly that. Them using it puts me off a bit, as it sounds like a new marketing ploy.

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KiwiViper851102d ago

You think DB will be back?

Even if he does, the company won't be able to give him a major title run, as he's proven himself injury prone.

I never got the love for DB anyway...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

DB has already been confirmed to be back

DragonKnight1102d ago

I seriously hope there are new weapons and they patch in new ways to get Blood Rocks.

BG115791102d ago

This, plus new costumes, new bosses, more story with new levels and the beast transformation hability with the Claw!

DragonKnight1102d ago

Well there likely will be new outfits, new bosses, new levels, and new story elements because it is an expansion; but we desperately need new weapons. There are only 10 in the game and this creates the situation where your weapons ARE your build, and there's very little variation. I mean yeah, you can use the Materia... I mean Blood Gem system to make unique damage types for your weapons, but even that is greatly limited.

Doubt there will be an actual transformation. That would require too much work I think.

Septic1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

How do you get Blood Rocks? Been trying to find one for Ludwigs blade and it doesn't drop at all.

TWB1102d ago


One rock can be found only once per playthrough and even then its in a sort of a hidden place. Because I dont know how much you have played Im going to say that you can find it in the last (new) area.

I have also heard that you can find rocks from Chalice Dungeons (I dont know how much depth matters) but even then in limited amounts. I just found one from a depth 5 dungeon from a chest and I have played dungeons quite extensively so I asume they are ultra rare.

himdeel1102d ago

Blood rock also drop in higher lv chlice dungeons. Ive gotten five so far.

Awesome news about an expansion though.

DragonKnight1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

@Septic: There are 2 ways to get blood rocks in one playthrough, but the most you'll ever get is 4, 5 if you're lucky. The first and easiest one to get is in Nightmare Mensis, you know that place where you were getting frenzied just by being out in the open? Yeah, it's there. It's a tad involved getting it though.

The second way to get them is by doing depth 5 Chalice dungeons. There are 3 of those I believe. Once you get the blood rocks from those dungeons, that's it. They don't respawn or anything. You have to go to NG+ to reset the counter.

This is what a lot of people have a problem with when it comes to character progression in Bloodborne. It is very much tied to the Chalice Dungeons, or very gated until end game unless you're comfortable never having a +10 weapon and never getting either the Beast Claws or the Burial Blade.

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pwnsause_returns1102d ago

Leonard washington's hunt shall continue...

nucky641102d ago

woo!hoo!....more bloodborne content!!!.....great news!!!

TwoForce1102d ago

Wait WHAT ? I thought I completed the game but I'm glad it's coming.