E3 2015 Predictions For Sony

MVGN writes "E3 2015 is right around the corner and we here at MVGN are ready to give our top 5 PS4 E3 2015 predictions. With well over 20 million consoles sold, the PS4 is a force to be reckoned with and this year's E3 is going to be something big for Sony. Will we see the return of a Sega classic on the PS4? Will The Last Guardian skip E3 yet again? Will the PS4 receive a price cut?"

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Transistor1186d ago

Shenmue 3
Gran Turismo Sport
The Last Guardian
Rogue Galaxy

Brotard1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

ugh i have waiting for more rogue galaxy for years!!!

also i would be shocked if uncharted remasterd and mass effect remastered don't get announced

RpgSama1186d ago

Please myvideogamenews don't hurt my feelings by saying a new Shenmue almost for sure coming :'(

An announcement like Shenmue 3 is just what my heart needs to stop being black and start getting a very dark shade of grey.

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago

LMFAO! YES! My dogg Transistor! You need that wild one, SHENMUE 3!!!

SidebarTalk1186d ago

If Shenmue 3 gets announced, I'm going to personally laugh in the faces of everyone who's been calling bull for the last 72 hours.

pwnsause_returns1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Hey, its not their fault that theyve gotten burned for the last 15 years

Even if that pic is fake, i have a feeling that it might get announced

pwnsause_returns1186d ago

Like i said, even if the pic is fake, i have a feeling it might get announced. At least a hd collection, theres a demamd for it, and Sony knows.

An hd collection would help them
test the waters and see if its reasonable to get shenmue 3 out.

Hopefully they went past those licensing issues. Thats apparently the main reason why we dont have an hd collection.

SidebarTalk1186d ago

Wait, so this whole thing was orchestrated by Matt LeBlanc? That's what he's been doing between taping of Episodes?

Man, you think you know a guy...

-Foxtrot1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

If Shenmue gets a third game then I hope a HD remaster will release before it comes out. A lot of people didn't get to play the originals.

Plus if it did get announced then it shows you that anything can happen these days

Jalva1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

The Last of Us Re-Remastered: Dynamic Nose Hair Edition.

Pre-order now for a box of tissues signed by Naughty Dog.

Rimeskeem1186d ago

Is that supposed to mean something?

MasterCornholio1186d ago

Why yes it does.

It means he's trolling and being immature about this topic.

Ripsta7th1186d ago

Anyone have a 2 or day code for pl plus?!? Just ran out on the 20th andi really want to buy something from the recent sell!!
Pls if anyone has a code that they dont need i would gladly appreciate it

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The story is too old to be commented.