Little Devil Inside: Wii U Stretch Goal Announced

The team behind the upcoming RPG, Little Devil Inside have announced their first stretch goal. They're looking to bring the game to Nintendo's Wii U with only 4 days left in their campaign.

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deathtok1098d ago

This game looks like it could be fun. I'm on the fence about backing but have it starred to follow-up.

wonderfulmonkeyman1098d ago

I'm really liking the aesthetics of the game, so I hope it hits that stretch goal.

VerminSC1098d ago

Hope this game turns out as good as it looks now!

TheCatsMeow1098d ago

I literally made an account and got the 21 dollar package because I just learned it will be for Xbox One. This game looks incredible. And co-op? That's a good direction.

rezzah1098d ago

They said there is multiplayer, but it works like journey. You will come across other players in the world but im not sure how you interact with them.