'The Witcher 3': Could It Spark A New Witcher Movie?

With The Witcher 3's great story, characters, setting and positive response, could it possibly get the gears in motion for a new Witcher movie? Nerd Much discusses the possibility.

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Jalva1011d ago

Anytime the gaming industry and the movie industry come together a turd is born, the two of them should just stay well clear of each other.

Grap1011d ago

The Witcher is based on a book so they are no turd here.

Alexander1Nevermind1011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

Lol at Jalva,

I wouldn't mind seeing them give it another go. It should be noted that the Witcher was a movie some years ago, although I forget the country (maybe Poland) based off the book and not the video game. Obviously not a Hollywood blockbuster lol.

Brotard1011d ago

Just watch game of thrones, it's earily similar in style. Just less monsters

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WizzroSupreme1011d ago

I'm tired of every awesome game getting the same article over and over again: "Hey, this game did great! Should we make a movie about it?!" NO! It was awesome because it was a GAME, not because it was like everything else in Hollywood and a lazily done live-action fan-service flick. Games are better than this and that's they're so special and distinct. Who's with me?

cfc831011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

Can one of you witcher heads help me. At the start of witcher 3 you go over witcher 2 choics.

***** WITCHER 2 SPOILER *****

I saved triss, but fought the dragon. At the end the dragon is still moving, and i leave it alone. According to witcher wiki this means saskia lives, and ioerveth is wounded. I still think leaving the dragon just means she sufferslonger before dying.

The cannon choices at the start also imply i either saved triss or saskia. After saying i saved triss does this mean i've left saskia out of witcher 3 ?

TeamLeaptrade1011d ago

I'm sure it renewed interest in a Witcher film. I'd be very happy to see another Witcher movie.

RonsonPL1011d ago

They guy responsible for CGI movies in W3, Tomasz Bagiński, is actually working on something right now. It will be a normal movie, with actors, not an animation, but I have no idea about the scale or even if it will be filmed in our language or in English.
Sapkowski's novels are really big here in Poland, so it's not obvious they went for English right away.
The W3 success might change a thing or two. I'd really like to see a good, high budged Witcher movie.
We already had one, but it was... well... a little "Uwe Bolly" ;) (not worth mentioning), with CGIs so bad that they're the symbol of crappy CGI in movies to this day. :P