Dead Rising Wii Screens: Where Did All The Zombies Go?

Kotaku: To men huddled around the big tables at Capcom HQ, the idea of porting yet another big-selling, zombie-based title to the Wii must sound like a no-brainer! You've got to wonder, though, whether they consulted with the tech guys before pushing forward with the project. Because as far as the 360 version was concerned, the thing that stopped it from being an awful beat-em up and made it such an awesome game were the hundreds of zombies the 360 could process. From these screens, it doesn't look like the Wii can do hundreds. It can do dozens. Maybe.

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RealityCheck3802d ago

Maybe they should replace the zombies with polygonal Miis, that way the Wii should be able to process a hundred of them.

tojfs79313802d ago

Might actually be kinda fun... chopping up your friend's mii's... if you have a lot of friends on the wii that is.

Lukatoll3801d ago

Whoa! that is a good idea. They can just make your friends mii's look like retarded zombies and you can hack and slash threw them. That would be f***in awesome!

crck3802d ago

Maybe Capcom should of went with a 2D 8 bit version of the game.

Sangria3802d ago

However, thanks Capcom for the big "F*** you PS3" you made announcing Dead Rising on Wii *clap clap*

Rob0g0rilla3802d ago

I don't think your missing out on much IMO.

Sangria3802d ago

Actually, Dead Rising and Crackdown are the only reasons i want to buy a 360, because they are mature but funny games and there is no equivalent on PS3.

It would be logical to say that Capcom would port Dead Rising on PS3 since PS3 and 360 have the (almost) same technological advantage (i know, PS3 has the CELL, but yet, PS3 and 360 can easily handle each other games). But they didn't and preferred to curtail their game to make it a sub-evolved version.

TheColbertinator3802d ago

@Sangria Actually Crackdown is comparable to the upcoming InFamous.Over powered individual with unparalleled agility bringing down crime in the city

Mausenheimmer3802d ago

Sangria, you raise a valid point about the graphics power. My only guess is that Capcom was more interested in fiddling with the controls than actually improving the 360 version.

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sandip7873802d ago

isnt DR 2 coming out to ps3?
im sure its been confirmed? or maybe i dreamt it? lol

Dark_Vendetta3802d ago

DR2 isn't even announced, unfortunatly :(

Nevers3802d ago

Give us the game we yearn so much for you teasing little tarts!!! Quit wasting time on half-assed ports and Dead Rising 2 out ASAP...

To the screens> =( I'd want more zombies to kill =( PERIOD!

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