Buy The Witcher 3 At Uplay and Get Black Flag, The Crew, Child of Light and Watch Dogs for Free

Even though Ubisoft didn't publish The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, they're offering undoubtedly the best deal for buying it.

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ValKilmer858d ago

Good lord that's an amazing deal.

ValKilmer858d ago

What's wrong with Uplay when it comes to buying games?

858d ago
annoyedgamer858d ago

You can get the game DRM free on GoG or from the store.

DragonbornZ858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

What? Dats 4 free games mayne. If I didn't already have The Witcher 3, Black Flag, and Child of Light i'd prolly buy the Uplay version.

Eldyraen858d ago (Edited 858d ago )


I prefer Steam myself but a good deal can sway me quite often. Uplay, Origin, GoG, etc all have their places even if I usually use one over the other (Humble Bundle every once in a while still gets a piece of the pie). I've heard 'horror stories' but never experienced any for myself from any distribution hub so I'm game for saving a buck or getting free stuff whereever and whenever I can.

Khajiit86858d ago


Same here. I could care less about Steam or achievements. Give me a good deal wherever it is.

1nstan7858d ago

Damn that is one heck of a deal!

fallacious858d ago

Wow, they are really desperate for people to use uplay. but no dice, it's too damn terrible.

1ben2858d ago says free "game" with purchase. Also below, under "compare editions" it says FREE GAME: Choose ONE. (4 listed). Anyone actually tried it?

NerveGearneeded857d ago

you get all games free with purchase of witcher 3

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The story is too old to be commented.