Geoff Keighley No Longer at GameTrailers?

In many ways, Geoff Keighley is GameTrailers. After almost a decade however, it looks like Keighly has departed the company.

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LaFleur942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

Interesting news. Look forward to hearing what the Dorito Pope is up to next.

RealFry942d ago

He was last seen commenting on the 2:1 sales gap between PS4 and Xbox.

May his next piece of wisdom, guide us all...

Mr Pumblechook942d ago


Geoff Keighley at GameTrailers was the one constant in the business.
What will we do now?

BitbyDeath942d ago

Oh no, how will we all go on without staring into his dead eyes.

inveni0941d ago

That dude always looked high.

uth11941d ago

Apparently he's hosting the Sony E3 Playstation Experience event. Just posted

Xman2K941d ago

Kojima kidnapped keighley

Automatic79942d ago

I actually liked his role with GTTV. Good luck with future plans.

SkippyPaccino941d ago

So was I. I watch bonus round every week. Since the new owners took over last year after e3,they let go of half their talent and a bunch walked away.

Maybe he's on his way to join Marcus Beer and Shane Satterfield on their new website "sifted games"

ValKilmer942d ago

What's the process for appointing a new Dorito Pope?

Relientk77942d ago

Something with nacho cheese smoke

Captain_Wormy942d ago

At least a Bachelor's Degree.

GT67941d ago (Edited 941d ago )

more like Dorito-chelor 's Degree in Cheese.

BitbyDeath942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

Maybe Sony bought them, seem to be buying everything else.

COD/Ass Creed/Star Wars

OUROSMAG941d ago

Funny enough....look who wrote the article..

uth11942d ago

you burn a bag of doritos and if you get white smoke, not black, then you're the new dorito pope?

WilliamUsher942d ago

Well, they must be able to shill graciously.

A Dorito Pope also needs to have great rapport with both peasants and publishers.

The Dorito Pope will eat the Doritos and drink thy Dew, and must be able to convince the masses to do the same during double XP weekends.

Few are capable of being worthy to don the Dorito hat, but for those that meet that standard may the paid reviews and free swag guide their way.

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Batzi942d ago

Whatever he does next, I bet his first guest will be Hideo Kojima.

ValKilmer942d ago

In full bandages, of course.

Imalwaysright942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

Bandages? Kojima tried to eat this kid's doritos?

Becuzisaid942d ago

@Imalwaysright - you apparently didn't see the epic Phantom Pain interview before it was officially MGSV. I laughed so hard when Geoff pointed out the Fox Engine logo.

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The story is too old to be commented.