Are Video Games Being Announced Too Early?

Remember Quantum Break? No, well that’s because we still haven’t seen it despite it being announced in the summer of 2013 at E3. We are now aware of the 2016 launch target for the game, but is this something that gamers should be worrying about? It is a trend that is slowly increasing in frequency, but is it necessarily bad for the industry? Let’s take a look.

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Hoffmann1157d ago

Personally I would agree. Would love if games wouldnt be announced before they reached gold status already.

A time window of around 6-9 months between the announcement and the release date should normally be more than enough to get people hyped and to release a good couple of trailers, screenshots etc.

Today, they show games 1-3 years before they are released often. I dislike this marketing method.

mikeslemonade1156d ago

The answer is no. I like a steady flow of juicy announcements. I get more excited like this then if I have to wait several years and then all of sudden the game comes out in 6 months. It took forever for GTAV to be shown, remember how long we clamored for that??

3-4-51156d ago

* I remember the NES/Sega Genesis/SNES/N64/PS1 days when you just kind of either found out about a game via word of mouth, or playing at your friends house, or when you went to go rent a game and saw a new game you'd never seen before.

* You found out about it, and got to play it right then and there.

Or at worst you heard about it via commercials and then got to play it about 2-3 weeks later.

I love all the info about my favorite games and what not, but going into a game not knowing that much is still probably the idea way to play.

jb2271156d ago

Totally agree. Also, we have this method of VERY early marketing to blame for the downgrades that seem to be running so rampant. If companies showed off their games in the 6-9 month window as you suggested, or even 12 months at the most, they would be more representative of what the final product will ultimately be. At the very least, there should be no true gameplay footage released until 6 months out from gold status. I don't care if it effects the companies' preorder numbers, its shady marketing & gaming is the ONLY form of media guilty of these practices. Shouldn't be happening & they should be taken to task for these practices. If it truly is not a companies intention to lie to the consumer about the fidelity & quality of their final product, then they need to shorten these windows so we aren't being shown vertical slices so far out from release.

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The story is too old to be commented.