RE5: No shooting while running writes:"From what we've seen in the trailers and videos from E3, you can't shoot while running in Resident Evil 5. Resident Evil 4 has this same problem and quite a lot of people complained about it. The stop and shoot mechanic is back.

We contacted Capcom regarding this issue and they sent a quick response back"

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STARS3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Newsflash, this just in. There's been no option to run and shoot since Resident Evil 1, duh. Resident Evil has always been about being its own brand of survival horror, period. Even though the new implementations in RE4 gave the game a bit more of a Third Person Shooter feel, the idea of having to stop and shoot provides more suspense and maneuvering limitability for the player. This is why it remains in tact.

AmaziN3771d ago

STARS, if you actually read the full article it states that every RE game has been like that.

"Every RE game has been like that."

The Wood3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

but maybe a bit more mobility with other aspects of the players movement should be updated. You're absolutely right about the fact you know your limited so that in fact adds to the tension. Give me devil may cry controls or onimusha and there would be no real fear at all. Its like damned if you you do, damned if you dont for capcom and a double edge for the gamers.

STARS3771d ago

I did read the article, AmaziN. I realize they mentioned that. I just feel if Capcom implemented walk and shoot or run and shoot then Resident Evil would be completely out of its element. It's already evolved into more of a shooter anyways, and I loved Resident Evil 4, don't get me wrong.

JsonHenry3771d ago

Good! It would really take some of the suspense out of the game if it was like The Suffering.

barom3771d ago

Honestly I feel it became pretty much an action game in RE4 already. RE4 was not scary at all. The only time I felt some sense of fear was when the chainsaw people came at me, but it wasn't 'scary', it was more like 'oh crap, quick get the shotgun'.

RE4 was not scary at all and I do not see that happening with RE5 either. So in a way I actually would like to be able to move while shooting (though WALKING and NOT RUNNING, just because it makes it a bit slower paced and not another Gears Of War clone). On the other hand though, they've used the second analog stick to dodge (God Hand style) so I'm a bit interested in how it turns out. Either way I just hope they implement some puzzles again (which was basically non-existent in RE4).

Oh and btw, I'm sure that Shinji Mikami (RE4 director) would've implemented the ability to shoot while on the move, but was NOT able to as a result of designing it for the GameCube (which didn't have a real second analog stick).

JsonHenry3771d ago

Barom.. I have to agree with you on that. RE4 was not scary or creepy in the least.

But then again, games like Fatal Frame and Silent Hill have always had more of a "scare" factor than any Resident Evil game.

I remember being 15-16 and playing Resident Evil 2 for the first time and being scared once in a while during the game. but then I played Silent Hill for the first time... WOW. Creeped out the WHOLE time.

IcarusOne3771d ago

RE is no longer Survival Horror. Silent Hill was the master, especially SH2, but now Condemned seems to be the new kid on the block.

To everyone out there that says just because the previous RE's made you stop and aim so should this game, that's just dumb. Games evolve. By your logic, it should still look and sound like a PS1 game then. The fear shouldn't come from your frustrating inability to control your character realistically (that's what we like to call CHEAP), but from legitimate circumstances within the game world around you that are legitimately scary.

Megatron083771d ago

Who care they have co op so its a most buy for me.

Tho it might be nice to be able to take a step back or two while shooting or maybe be able to move while you reload.

AAACE53771d ago

I think what they mean is with all the advancement in gaming technology... why cant you move around and shoot?

In real life would you just stand there shooting while a mob of enemies marches toward you?

That is the main reason why I never really liked the RE games.

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DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3771d ago

sort or shooting and running just for realism. They could make the aiming off drastically when moving while shooting. Even as much as decreasing your chances of a direct hit by 60%. Then you would have the option at least.?.?

Le-mo3771d ago

I'm picking this up solely for the online co-op play.

ChampIDC3771d ago

Not that I think the games are bad (in fact, I love them), but it always annoyed the crap out of me that the games are made harder and more frightening by gimping your character. Strafing anyone? I'll buy it regardless, but I wish they could find a way to incorporate such mechanics as strafing and keep the same feel. Heck, I'd be happy if I could take a single step to either side to go around a corner while facing the correct way instead of slowly turning around the corner.

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