The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Looks Glorious in 4K with SweetFX 2.0

DSOGaming writes: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out and PC gamers have been experimenting with SweetFX in order to further enhance its visuals. And while we’ve seen some interesting SweetFX configs, nothing can come close to this unreleased config. It remains a mystery whether this mod will get released – especially since there are so many alternatives – however in our opinion this SweetFX config makes The Witcher 3 look gorgeous."

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T9001184d ago

This looks more and more like going the way of Skyrim. As time goes on Witcher 3 PC will further and further distance itself from the console version. Specially once the mod tools release.

Dynasty20211184d ago

And this is all being done with some basic ini file tweaking of figures.

T9001184d ago

Hell yea, the next patch which comes out allows more settings in the ini files. I cant wait for the mod kits to get released.

NuggetsOfGod1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Mods like these make the pc platform grow! Gta5 mods took off in the first week lol I am still amazed.

I can't imagine the next elder scrolls mods! Plus source engine 2 coming!

Ps4 can barely stay at 30fps according to digital foundry.

Get a pc or...

Just wait for ps5 remaster

This made me buy dark souls 2!

starchild1183d ago

Oh once the mod tools hit the sky's the limit. It's going to be crazy how good this game will look with mods.

Maxor1183d ago

Ummm....this is the case for almost every PC game.

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dragonaught0071184d ago

I feel they should let this mod be added to console version like this doesnt seem to require a heft pc to run the mod am I right? Game runs equivalent to high settings on the ps4 version at least shouldn't be an issue the amount of people playing witcher 3 at high settings is more then console versions am I right? Only difference is frame rate few effects.

Khajiit861184d ago

They should but they wont, if you want mods get a pc. I did and spend more time having fun with mods a lot of time than I do playing the game. Currently playing GTAV with the Vehicle Cannon mod and its so much fun.

T9001184d ago

GTA 5 will be on my PC for a very very long time. I want to finish the missions, then mod the hell out of this game.

Khajiit861184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )


MOD IT NOW!!! SweetFX mods make the game look so much better if you can even believe that. I wanted to wait to mod but a week ago I modded and I cant believe I waited this long.

Make sure you get the Vehicle Cannon Mod, they just updated it to 2.0 and you can shoot the cars into the sky and it more than doubles the amount of cars you can shoot, Shoot them in the sky and watch them come down like an air strike, or just send them off some jumps.

Explosion mods to make cars even more fun to blow up. Theres too much to say just go and see


Save some money, sell console/s. If you game a lot, its so worth it. You will save money on every game you buy like 50% off, no online subscription. I bought Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight for $60 total. Once you get the rig, you will be able to buy so many more games and theres older games you can buy for under $5. Go to and search for some games you like and check the prices. Im a long time console only gamer and believe me you will not regret it 1 bit.

cayleee1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )


So how do you manage to pay more for every game bought on console, pay to go online, buy dlcs and buy remasters if you dont have money :P

Console gaming is so expensive.

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boodi1184d ago

HOLY CHIT .. definitely good and nearlt photoreal . I'm pretty sold evaluating a switch to PC , at least for some games , that definitely deserve it .

john21184d ago

Yeap. SweetFX can either destroy or improve a game's visuals (depends on your taste of course). In this case, it greatly improves it. It will be interesting to see what will happen once the Redkit editor gets out for W3

teo721184d ago

Very impressive pictures yes, but at what cost. What kind of monster PC do you have to have in order for the game to look this good and in 4K resolution with 60fps?

cayleee1184d ago

You wont be needing a monster PC for this at all as long as you limit yourself to 1080p.

There are some settings on the PC version which are very demanding like Hairworks, HBAO, Foliage distance just tweak with those and you can pretty much keep everything else at ultra and have no problems even on a mid range GPU like GTX 960.

dragonaught0071184d ago

This why I think should be brought to consoles its not a very demanding mod cd project red revealed they did downgrade the game so this the least they can do to make game look better for everyone

Kalebninja1184d ago

You need an sli setup with either 2 titan x or 2 980s. I have 980s and on max,4k I don't always get around there sometimes I drop a bit. In the end your PC will definitely be over two grand.

cayleee1184d ago

Well you are meaning for 4k, which is still not mainstream. Even on PC that will take another few years.

1080p with these mods shouldnt be that expensive.

kraenk121184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

My 700 € PC runs TW3 at 1080p with everything on Ultra except foliage on high and without Hairworks around 60 fps. 970 GTX FTW! 4K is a whole beast though, not even gonna try :)

Kalebninja1184d ago

Caylee, teo asked about running the game in 4k so I gave him an answer about 4k, you didn't answer his question regardless of what's mainstream or not.

boodi1184d ago

in fact that's what i was interested , so it turns out that to get the best TW3 experience /4k you need a 2k pc , right ?

slappy5081183d ago

I can get it running at 4k 30 fps on my PC using 970 sli. Looks amazing but I'd rather play it at 1440p 60 frames, with hairworks

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Antifan1184d ago

About $1200-1500 if you shopping on Amazon or cyberpowerc. Maybe a $100 lower if you're building it yourself. And that's just the rig. You still need the 4k display monitor. Should be around $2,000, plus shipping and tax fees

samchez771183d ago

Thats the way the PC version SHOULD look out of the box....