Is God of War III Remastered worth your $40?

God of War III Remastered is coming in stunning detail to your PS4, but if you're looking to get into the God of War franchise, there may be better options.

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crazychris41241036d ago

Not for me since I've played and beaten it already, I'll wait for it to drop to about $10 or $15. Same goes of Microsoft's GOW. If its just a remaster of the 1st game Im not spending over $10 for a prettier version of a 9 year old game.

Wish both companies would have remastered the 1st 3 games. Just more bang for our buck.

Automatic791036d ago

Not for me either played GOW III wish they would have thrown Ascenscion along with GOW III would have made sense to purchase for me since I never played it.

freshslicepizza1036d ago

I have the remasters on my ps3 and it came with two god of war games for $40 when it came out. i'm not sure if this is worth $40 but i already played it. maybe for someone who never got to play it but i would wait. the remastered tlou price dropped rather quickly.

darthv721036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

Well considering Sony already had the GoW games redone for PS3... there is no point in them remastering the remasters for PS4.

Had this been #3 and Ascension in one package then yeah it would be worth it. The best thing to happen to remasters is when they come as a bundle. Like the Jak collection or Ratchet collection as examples.

aceitman1036d ago

it may not be worth it for those that played it already but for the ones that has never played god of war 3 it is way worth paying the money for such a great game remember a decent amount of gamers on ps4 came from wii or 360 im sure they will like to play it. but I to have played and beaten it and will wait for a price drop

InTheZoneAC1036d ago

1st 3 were already remastered...

DivoJones1035d ago

Yeah I'm hoping Gears is a triple pack, even Gears 3 has a few years under it's belt. Even still I'd wait for a deal.. which isn't a dig on it's quality but rather a paradigm shift in my game purchasing in recent months. I've found staggering my purchasing can result in some pretty good discounts, even waiting just a few weeks can save $10-$20 on a new release.

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Baka-akaB1036d ago

Nope , but i dont see the issue there . It's a remaster of an already older game , anyone can just wait if they dont want to pay a premium on those . Publisher wins out either way

iTechHeads1036d ago

If you're new to the series then yes.
As someone who already played it on PS3 though? No.

Immorals1036d ago

If you're new to the series, you want to start on the first.

It looked amazing on ps3, I really can't find a need for this remaster!

Revolver_X_1036d ago

GOW3 was the first GOW native to PS3. Back then it aimed at new comers, even though PS2 basically ruled that gen. GOW3 does enough story telling to catch you up to speed. If no one has ever played a GOW, then 3 is the perfect showcase for it. It also helps that you get a PSNow code for GOW1&2 if you truly think you need the full experience. The game is an overall masterpiece, and is perfect to get people on board. If Sony is smart, GOW 4 will have a trailer at E3 in order to spark the itch to buy GOW3 Remaster.

KUV19771036d ago

Actually I think that 1 and 2 had the far better story. 3 was pretty mediocre storywise up to even nonsensical, but graphics, gameplay and action were awesome, of course. Still, 2 remains my favorite. I even think Ghost of Sparta had a much better story than 3.

iTechHeads1036d ago

Not everyone would want to play some old PS2 games though, they didn't age very well. Besides even if they did play them in order, they would have the risk of getting bored of the series by the time they get there.

It's best to play GOW3 and if you are itching for more GOW then you can play the GOW1 and 2 rental on PS Now.

Themba761035d ago

for me then yes because i was xbox 360 only last gen

MilkMan1036d ago

Nope. Oh, and stop with the remasters. You know you just re-printing what was ALREADY created. These games are made future proof. Its been well documented. Thats why there is no new content. They make hi-def versions then they trickle it down to fit into older specs.
Dont believe the hype and keep your money nice and tight in your wallet. These companies will eventually get the message and guess what? HOORAY! they'll make some real new IP's. What a concept.

Becuzisaid1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

FF12 remaster first, then no more remasters.

Damn, Mass Effect too. And Uncharted. Definitely those too, then for sure no more remasters.

I'm not helping, am I?

Rimeskeem1036d ago

I need that Uncharted Remaster

Revolver_X_1036d ago

You worry about your wallet, and I'll worry about mine, mmkay?

morganfell1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

Exactly. I platinumed GOW3 and am still picking up the PS4 version. Epic titles are not bound by restriction to a single generation.

NuggetsOfGod1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

Why would they stop making remasters?

Console gamers love them & they are selling.

Capcom is gonna make more now!


I am sure publishers are already thinking about what remasters will launch with ps5!

Because they want money!

Backwards compatibility is dead on console or you can rent them on ps Now.

I am surprised EA and Ubi are not getting piece of that pie.