Sony Working on a Game for “R&D Purposes Related to Next Generation Gaming System”

Something may be boiling at Sony Computer Entertainment, as indicated by a new career opportunity ad seeking a Senior Game Programmer. Apparently the house of PlayStation is working on a game for Research and Development purposes.

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gokuking1159d ago

clearly they're referring to psp3

Timesplitter141159d ago

clearly they're referring to Smell-O-Vision

never4get1159d ago

Unless home/portable console specifically stated, its PlayStation Now.

3-4-51159d ago

Makes sense, it's about that time within this gen's lifespan.

crazychris41241159d ago

"Contribute to the development of technology, systems and tools used in game development, including: game logic, behaviors, animations, motion systems, mini-games, physics systems, collision systems, rendering, particle effects, entities systems, camera logic, and sound to name a few"

Really hope more companies push the physics this generation instead of graphics. Crysis 3 was a gorgeous game but Red Faction Guerrilla has the best destruction I've ever seen in a video game which made it a blast to play. We dont have to wait too long since Avalanche Studios has said Just Cause 3 will feature physics based destruction and the upcoming Crackdown is rumored to have it as well. Would be great if we got gameplay demonstrations both games at E3 which is only 2.5 weeks away.

Kingdomcome2471159d ago

I'm hoping that Crackdown really pushes the envelope in that regard. Enhanced graphics are great for increased immersion, but I'm hoping that this generation brings with it advancements in other areas such as A.I., dynamic emergent gameplay mechanics, physics, etc...

inveni01159d ago

Since processors are getting cheaper faster than…faster…maybe they'll start building consoles with dedicated chips for AI, physics, etc. Then maybe we'll get the procedural GTA we've been waiting for, where we can enter every building, explore every apartment, and cross every ocean.

ZainreFang1159d ago

"They're making another system? Oh my god. Not getting a PS4 anymore. They just don't believe in the PS4 anymore.... It's just better to wait for the PS5..."

Farsendor11159d ago

What does your comment have to do with anything? Every console maker is thinking of plans for next gen.

ZainreFang1159d ago

It's because this is how people are reacting to the NX. Lol.

MasterCornholio1159d ago


How well is the Wii U selling?

Yeah that's why some people are acting that way towards NX whatever it may be.

UltraNova1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

As we all all suspect this will probably be a 5 year gen so its logical that Sony is working on the next PS, so is MS to be sure.

My concern is with Morpheus, since I plan on getting it. Will they release a new version shortly after the ps5 release and abandon v1 users?

I hope that this will be a long gen like the previous one, I dont feel like getting a ps5 in 3 years!

Spotie1159d ago

To be fair, the Wii U isn't as much of a runaway success as the PS4. Sony would be foolish to cut out on a system that's doing so well. On the other hand, it wouldn't be so farfetched for Nintendo to cut their losses on the Wii U and move on.

It wouldn't necessarily be the best idea, and I don't think they will, but it wouldn't be the first time such a thing has happened(not to Nintendo).

kaizokuspy1159d ago

It did happen with nintendo. Don't forget about the gamecube. I think I had read the numbers at one point but from what I remember the wiiu is selling less than the gamecube did, maybe that's changed since the areticle was old but who knows if it still holds true.

deadfrag1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Nintendo is not lossing money on the Wii U they are actually selling the system and having profits,they are not selling PS4 numbers or WII but they are still profiting,why rush a new system out of the door when the company is making money!Let the WIi U live the normal 5 to 6 years cicle and them release the new system NX or whatever,new tech,smaller chips...will arrive at the end of this year,making new games for the new system at release,showing the hardware to third parts in order to have games for release all this will take two more years minimum.

dcbronco1159d ago

Nintendo wouldn't really be cutting huge loses. They had a couple of down years but they haven't been bad enough for anyone to panic. But the belief is Nintendo would be looking at 2017 as a launch year which falls right in line with their typical launch schedule. GameCube, Wii and Wii U launched five years apart. It would also give them a couple of years having far superior hardware. Given the advances of the next year with the previous two will see Nintendo launch a machine with several major advantages over current generation consoles. Microsoft and Sony got Jaguar before it hit the streets iirc. AMD will probably give Nintendo a similar advantage. Add stacked memory, DDR4, advances in power management, brand new architecture on the CPU and GPUs and the possibility of VISC. By that time it should also launch at 10nm so it could launch in the $350 price range but with eight times the power of current generation consoles depending on the architecture.

The 10th Rider1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

The Wii U is still turning a profit and holding sales numbers at least steady. As long as they have a potential consumer-base and can turn a profit, moving on is the last thing for them to do. Especially since consoles cost so much time and money to develop.

That's one of the reasons they had to replace the Wii earlier than Sony and Microsoft replaced the 360 and PS3. Not only was the Wii suffering from lackluster support, but it had already sold through to most of their potential sales base. Because of that, sales turned abysmal towards the end of its life. Since most of the Wii's audience is unlikely to buy a newer model, their best choice was to replace it.

If we see sales tank or Nintendo's profits go south, then may be the time to talk about a throwing in the Wii U's towel.

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ZainreFang1159d ago

@MasterCornholio Yeah, but just because PS4 is selling, doesn't mean a PS5 isn't being made to replace it. Developers are always making next-generation systems. That's the thing people need to get through their heads.

Balega1159d ago

Sony started working on PS4 in 2006, so yeah, don't wait. In 8 years time, you go from a kid to an adult, so if you want to waste your precious time on waiting, good luck.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Wait... So drinking age is 8 now?!?!

(I knew what you meant, BTW, and I agree, not worth it to wait, but this gen was a little underwhelming. Also, drinking age is adulthood in my country)

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Skate-AK1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Could also be a new API. DX12 might not make the Xbone a supercomputer, but it is a marketable buzzword for people and devs and can drive sales. Sony might be looking to do something similar.

rainslacker1159d ago

Sony has their ICE team which does that already. They're constantly building tools and improving on the API to provide in their development kits. Most of their work makes it's first appearance in ND or SSM games.

luis_spartano1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

It's well know to the industry that console manufactures start the R&D on the next console about 1 year after the start of the current generation.

PS4 launched in 2013, and we're in 2015, so...

BitbyDeath1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

R&D always starts early but game development does not. Development time is just 6 months so it is obviously a concept and not a full game but it still is interesting as they are obviously trying something new with the next system.

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