The Best Destiny Classes Ranked for Prison of Elders

Let's rank the best Destiny subclasses for the current House of Wolves PvE end game, namely the Prison of Elders.

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SpaceRanger1153d ago

I've always run defender since the start of destiny. And I get about 30 kills a match in crucible with good bubble placement. But I never felt like I fit in well for some of the raids/strikes and I always felt underpowered compared to being attacked by other supers.

My random two cents: Any super should not be able to destroy the bubble. Maybe reduce its time, but not destroy.

But in regards to House of Wolves Prison of Elders, I feel right at home. It's almost a little too easy with the Helm. But the moment it's gone, I usually get demolished by the enemies that horde around me.

lsujester1153d ago

I personally like the idea of another super destroying the shield. Personally, I think every super should cancel the others, it would make for a good balance.

xHeavYx1153d ago

I agree that the super (I assume you are talking about the Nova bomb) should be able to cancel the bubble. My issue is that sometimes, because of lag, the nova bomb will kill the titan even though the shield is up.
I do love the Striker class for PVP, especially when the enemy team huddles for heavy ammo. I've whipped entire teams with the super.

GameSpawn1153d ago

It's funny because the Striker's grenade (if well placed) is one of the most overpowered grenades in the game (both in PvE and PvP).

The Defender class has its uses in PvE (and a little in PvP depending on the mode) but the class is super weak with what few offensive abilities it does have - the grenades are borderline useless. The Hunter and Warlock have grenades in BOTH subclasses that have a much larger area of effect (and ones with tracking too).

If I'm running and gunning my Titan (or need to do Arc damage) I'll run Striker. If I'm taking something at a slow pace and huddling in corners I'll run Defender with either a WoL or Blessing bubble - whichever is more desired by my team (or myself if lone-wolfing).

pompombrum1153d ago

Not sure about how they "rank" so to speak but I know my arc blade hunter setup for stealth and regen alongside the Don't Touch Me exotic gauntlets got us through the level 32 final round boss and saved us from a wipe multiple times.

JeffGUNZ1152d ago

Bladedances has to be number 1 or 2. I did level 34 and we won because of me. The amount of stealth revives I had was insane. Also, in 34, the boss this week for the cabal, final boss for the whole PoE 34 ignites the whole floor on fire every so often. Bubble is the key with blessing of light, but for the 10 seconds its active you can't touch the floor or youll quickly die from the fire thing. I blade dance, jump up next to a wall and keep RB'ing pointing towards the air and am able to stay away from the floor till the curse timer expires.

MelvinTheGreat1153d ago

every class has its ups and down but from my personal experience no matter what the situation sunsinger self revive is the most clutch and important super in the game.

OmegaShen1153d ago

Bad Juju on my Warlock, I become the flaming medic.

theFAYEsorceress1153d ago

defender with saint-14 is godly in pve.

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