The Witcher 3’s Tiny Text Is A Nightmare To Read


"I have perfect vision and a huge TV, yet I’m constantly leaning in while playing The Witcher 3."

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nX914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Yeah it's a pain sometimes but I've actually seen worse UI's. There is an option to make the HUD bigger but there should be an option to increase the text size as well.

I'm sure CDPR will patch it in if enough people complain about it.

Meatyboy913d ago

I thought it was just me. I hope it is possible to easily fix this. I have to play with the tv so close.

Gambit07913d ago

I have a 50" tv and I have to squint to see the next, so annoying.

Who913d ago

I'm on a 55" about 10-13 ft away. My eyes water trying to read the fineprint.