New Witcher 3 PS4 Update In the Works

The new update will address some early issues in the PS4 version.

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Digital_Anomaly1159d ago

I noticed some of these same issues on the XB1 version of the game too. I had planned on purchasing the PS4 version but managed to get the XB1 copy for free so it was hard to argue the price.

Still, glad to know that CDPR is on top of user complaints and issues. That's good customer service right there!

raWfodog1159d ago

Definitely good to know that they are aware of the issues and I believe that they will be able to repair them. Hopefully, by the time I decide to pick up the game, all the issues be ironed out and the game will be running smoothly.

MaximusTKG1158d ago

I'm about 20 hours in on PS4 and I've seen the frame rate drop one single time. a couple texture pop ins. The game is already pretty well "ironed out". Whatever issues these people are having is most likely due to them not having anything else to complain about.

Loadedklip1158d ago

@ Maixums TKG ... so I guess this patch will patch up nothing then since according to you people are just making stuff up right?

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WickedLester1159d ago

I hope they are working on increasing the size of the HUD display along with all the on screen messaging. It's way too damn small for TV/Livingroom setups.

MegaSackman1159d ago

Thats my biggest grip on an amazing game, I can deal perfectly with ocasional frame drops or graphic issues, but super small text is a pain even if I'm already used to it.

XanderZane1158d ago

Haven't had any problems with small text yet, but it might be because I'm playing on a 60in HDTV. Only issues I've had with the PS4 version so far are some stuttering frames during the cut scenes and I crashed to the PS4 UI while playing Gwent with the Scholar. I held the "triangle" button to "Pass" during the game and "Boom!" the game closed on me. It didn't happen the next time. Other then that, the game has played fine. Hopefully they will get these bugs fixed.

the_dark_one1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Totally agree with that. I had the same problem with the witcher 2 on the xbox360, and now even witha 32inch hdtv the goddanm letters are st ill to small

OB1Biker1159d ago

Zoom is helpful when enabled in accessibility option (PS4)

tcharger1159d ago

How small is your TV that this is an is crystal clear on my TV

WickedLester1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

My TV is 60". I have a Panasonic plasma TV that's been professionally calibrated by an ISF certified technician. However clarity is not the issue tcharger, it's the size of the font that CDPR chose to use for the console version of their game. It looks like they designed the HUD, the menus, the inventory screens, and text size with PC Monitors in mind, which is fine if you're sitting at a desk 2 feet away from the screen. However when you're on the couch in a living room sitting 6-8 feet from the TV, it's a big problem and I'm not the only one having this issue. Clearly enough people are complaining about it that CDPR is looking into it to find a solution.

bloodybutcher1158d ago

I sit ca.5 feet away from my 32'' shitty tv and can see just fine. I'd think, that one shouldn't have problems playing 6-8 feet away on 60''?

hades071158d ago

Totally agree. I have a 40inch tv I sit about 8 feet from and trying to buy items I always have to stand up to get closer to the tv.

chippychan1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )


Mine's a 60" TV but my couch is about 12-feet away from it. It's pretty hard to see the tiny text from that distance.

I've been sitting on my other couch which is closer (about 7-feet) and I can see it fine there, but it's on an angle to the TV and I'd really like to sit facing my TV straight-on while still being able to read the text without squinting.

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EvilWay1159d ago

What about the Xbox one version? It has atrocious frame rate at times. It's not so bad during gameplay but it's noticeable. Cd Project Red said the game would run flawless at work and have a smooth frame rate.... Which was a lie. Anyone who calls them a master of optimization which a lot of people did should never say so again

Palitera1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Good luck trying to open the eyes of zealots. CRPR pulled a nice PR move and smoothly surfs its waves.

There is barely any optimization towards consoles. The tiny font size (designed towards PC), all input and laughable performance pretty much already prove it.

Seriously, they have the worst console UI designers (IF they have one) possible. It is a mere overlooked port / copy paste from PC.

tablecloth1159d ago

The way you talk is the way pc gamers talk about console ports. Fun to see it the other way around for once.

xander707691159d ago

Yeah, really don't see how they can be considered "masters of optimization."

They know how to make a great RPG, but optimization is clearly not their strongest trait. I trust they will take the time and put in the effort to make it right though.

Svinya1159d ago

The problem is that the X1 version isn't locked to 30fps like the PS4 version, so the fps goes between 30-40 and seems to stutter.

Randostar1158d ago

The frame pacing is worse on the X1 so is stuttering, especially during cutscenes. While the PS4 has bigger frame drops the experience is smoother than the X1 due to frame pacing.

modelgod1158d ago

Why do ppl keep bringing up " what about the x1 version?" Maybe they're doing a patch for the ps4 first, and then they'll do a patch for the x1 version. Stop crying sony fanboys!

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JackieDrunken1159d ago

Game has some issues. But dammit I love it!!!

SpookyBoogie1159d ago

I agree. The game isn't flawless on console but the good outweighs the bad.

WellyUK1159d ago

Small hud hasn't effected me as I play my console on a monitor. Only issue this game has for me is the frame rate drops, hopefully they can fix this.

LonDonE1158d ago

Yup me too, once you experience playing video games on a monitor you just cant go back! My benq has near crt level of input lag, its as fast and instant as it gets.

When i play on a hdtv the input lag drives me insane! These days lag is very low, like on my sony bravia in game mode its great.
But like i said my benq is like a crt and with online multiplayer games and beat em ups, platformers, action games, in fact every type of game benifits from low input lag.

OT the writing in menues is too small and difficult to read at average 6 to 8 feet away distance.
On my monitor it is perfect.
I swear i love this game soooo much but the frame rate dipping to 20fps on PS4 is unnaceptable!
Especially when the X1 is mostly 30 and above while both have frame pacing issues which are worse on X1.

Clearly the PS4 version needs optimising! I cant wait for the patch, if they can get it at a locked 30fps with synced frame timing, they will make an allready goty even better.

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