inXile Keeping PS4&XB1 Heavily In Mind For The Bard's Tale IV

inXile's Brian Fargo confirms that the studio will keep in mind PlayStation 4 & Xbox One while making The Bard's Tale IV, though PC version comes first.

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Imp0ssibl3917d ago

Great news! Also glad they ditched Unity for Unreal Engine 4, we'll get great graphics too. Bring it

Festano917d ago

Good for those who only have consoles!

ccgr917d ago

Good to hear, looking forward to it!

Chris_Wray917d ago

It's a good thing, don't get me wrong, but makes little sense for them to make Bards Tale 4 when they pretty much rebooted Bards Tale back in the 2000's - even if they didn't call it a reboot. Name was the same!

Alexious917d ago

They didn't have the full rights, they do now. It will be a very different game