Who needs to 'win' E3 the most: Sony, Xbox or Nintendo?

GGG asks which console maker needs to "win" E3 in the minds of consumers the most. The answer they provide might surprise you though all three could use a boost coming out of E3.

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SpaceRanger1034d ago

Gamers need to win.

Having a variety of games announced, rather than the typically milked dude-bro games from developers, is what would be a win to gamers overall. The big three simply need to show the best they've got and actually have a variety of stuff coming out during the summer/early fall. While there are plenty of great games out there, not everyone wants to wait for the holiday or next year for more great games coming out.

While each topic covered in the article for the big three makes sense, it's all subjective and up in the air as of right now since no one knows what will be announced. Saying there's a clear winner right now or saying someone is in the lead to take E3 is complete garbage.

mrbojingles1034d ago

I don't thnk the article is saying who will win, its saying who the writer thinks needs to score that "win" in gamer's minds at E3.

SpaceRanger1034d ago

Yeah you're 100% right.
It isn't talking about who will win, but I know some people will take it and spin this article like that here in the comment section unfortunately.

ABizzel11034d ago

@mrbojingles is right, it's not the usually who's going to win, but who needs to "win" (get the mind-share / loyalty of gamers). And the answer to that is all 3 of them for very different reasons.

Sony: Obviously they're the console to beat this gen, but Sony's problem is that they haven't been killing it with the first party exclusives like they did last generation. Fans are loyal, but they're really testing everyone's patience with all the secrecy and lack of showings. At this point we know that pretty much every PlayStation developer is working on a PS4 game so where are they. This E3 / Gamescom / TGS has to send out that message, of this is why these games are taking so long by either showing many of their studios are working on Morpehus content, or literally jaw dropping gaming experiences that can only be found on the PS4. If not it gives people a reason to buy another console this holiday instead of saving money for Morpheus and Exclusives this holiday and 2016. Sony has a bunch of games, but it's time to start showing them.

MS: They have a bunch of games they've been showing since launch that still haven't made it to stores, but this is their chance to really get the majority of gamers back on their side or at least in their good grace. MS has a great holiday line-up already with Forza, Fable, Tomb Raider, and Halo 5. Now it's time to see their early 2016 line-up so they can really sell strong console numbers globally this holiday season and pull away from a distance second. This E3 is make or break for the XBO, and it's future success. This is their one and only chance to mend all the mistrust and issues gamers felt since the launch of the console. I can personally say the XBO is a good console with minor hardware issues, but E3 is MS chance to not only say it, but to prove it with games and content.

Nintendo: Honestly I don't think Nintendo even cares about winning E3, but what they need to do is show their fans that they're going to continue to support Wii U, and fortunately they have the games to prove that. The only way Nintendo can "win" E3 is by showing new hardware "NX", but IMO it's to soon and I don't see that happening until 2016.

Sony task:
1. Exclusive Games,
2. Killer Bundles,
3. Price drops $329 - $349 (better saved until Gamescom, to not hurt Summer sales, for a September price drop)

MS task:
1. $299 XBO (better saved for Gamescom, but they have to get the news out there before Sony)
2. Exclusives
3. Xbox & Windows

1. Complete fan service (Wii U is at the mercy of the gamers now, and Nintendo's budget to support it)
2. 3DS love?????
3. Hints at the future for Nintendo (are you going to listen to what gamers want on your next hardware, or are you going to repeat the same mistakes over again)

breakpad1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

while Sony has the lead in sales, needs definitely to win the E3 and console race , because fail is not an option for near-bankruptcy-Sony and behind them is coming the MS-tsunami of never-ending money

mikeslemonade1034d ago

Microsoft needs this win while they are still alive in this generation. Nitendo has already lost the home console market. There is nothing they can do that will salvage that market.

freshslicepizza1034d ago

i would say the pressure is on microsoft the most.

nintendo has no hope of ever coming back to the masses if that is what is regarded as a win. no real third party support and weak hardware in comparison will do that.

sony can coast, they don't really need to win anything.

this is microsoft's home turf, it is one of the key areas they need to regroup. they need to prove they are invested in gaming, not just recycling the same 4 ip's and trying to buy third party support.

the thing is we will likely see the same attitudes here from various regulars. which just goes to show they've already made up their minds and how optimistic they are. it's always amusing to see how biased the comments are. i personally think it is nintendo who is doing the most supporting it's own hardware. just a shame they have pushed third party support away and still like going against the grain.

rainslacker1034d ago

What exactly has winning E3 ever really achieved in the long run?

About the only thing that every company needs to do is not screw up so badly as to cause a huge amount of negative press with takes away from what they actually do have to show.

OB1Biker1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

IMO only fanboys need to 'win'
the big 3 need to have a strong show and its up to gamers to like or not what they see and possibly to like all of them

Gority1034d ago


What is it with people like you always trying to say Sony is going bankrupt? Pretty misinformed.

They have $130+ Billion in assets............

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subtenko1034d ago

Sega needs to win....just once guys come on wtf! XD

Spotie1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

@DK: I laughed so hard I hit my head on the wall.

Edit: And then I think I broke my foot jumping off this hotel bed.

d_g1034d ago

Same thing i was going to say

Gamers are the real winners here

Timesplitter141034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

"gamers win e3"

people say that every E3, like clockwork

E3 has become a race for who will be the first person to say gamers win E3

Big_Game_Hunters1034d ago

As a gamer, should you care about anything else? I play games not console wars.

Veneno1034d ago

Gamers win E3!

Group hug everybody! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww

N4g_null1034d ago

Really it is not about winning. The question is will i have to set thur stuff that isn't about gaming. I remember when they all use to win in their own way. I think we should be hoping they they all have a stellar E3. It is like a meeting place of great minds that has turned into a marketing lie fest. I'm tired of the cgi, and 4 titans running your console game. Give us game play we can play, hours of it, not your latest suit.

Perjoss1034d ago

We always win, because even if they only announce garbage or try to pull fast ones with DLC ridden f2p stuff we always have the choice to not buy into it.

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WickedLester1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

It doesn't matter to be honest. There has never been any data supporting that whoever the perceived "winner" is of E3 positively moves the sales needle of any significance.

The ONLY exception I would make to this is in the years of hardware launches. I do think the positive (or negative) momentum that is created during the hardware unveils can carry over into initial sales for the first year.

Travis37081034d ago

Gamers: We need games announced for all 3 systems.

Some for 2015 and many for 2016.

headblackman1034d ago

we as the gamers need to win and microsoft/sony/nintendo/and whoever else decides to take the stage just needs to make sure that they entertain us and give us the games,apps,and features that we deserve as a consumers of the respective consoles.