Watch People Look Like Idiots While Playing Project Morpheus on PS4


"Want to know the one big problem with virtual reality? We can't accurately show it to you. That's not a slight against our miniscule budget or non-existent team – it's a problem that every publication across the web will be having. Y'see, the problem with products like Project Morpheus is that you need to try them to understand them."

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JoGam913d ago

Well damn, I wanna look like an idiot too. Really wanna try this.

Thatguy-310913d ago

Exactly! If the experience is affecting one personally I could careless how I look. That London heist demo looks pretty sweet and is a perfect example on the direction VR should go. Virtual Theaters would work pretty sweet with it too.

SniperControl913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

I've had the Rift since last year, trust me when i say, you guys will love VR, it's a massive game changer, playing Project CARS, Elite:Dangerous and Alien Isolation just blew me away.

Planning to get both the Consumer Rift & the Morpheus next year, cant wait.

They also have virtual cinemas on the Rift as well, in fact i just watched The Empire Strikes Back on my Rift, amazing!

LifeInNZ913d ago

@Sniper: What sort of setup do you have driving your Rift?

SniperControl913d ago


[email protected], 2x GTX970's in SLI, 10gb ram.

I recently upgraded to the 970's because i found my 670 SLI was struggling with the more highend VR games like Project CARS and Elite.

crazychris4124913d ago

Hot Pockets just made a pretty funny commercial about Virtual Reality

Rimeskeem913d ago

That looks so cool. It looks that guy was really immersed into the experience,

Wii_nes_007913d ago ShowReplies(2)
Sureshot913d ago

This is why I'm so psyched for hololens. Not as immersive but I can still interact with and be aware of the world around me.

skyrimer913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Most people don't know two things about hololens, one is that in has about 40 FOV, that means basically that you only see a floating screen more less of the size of a TV where the "holograms" appear, not your full field of vision like in VR, which usually has 100 FOV. Secondly, it doesn't portray correctly blacks, so it looks washed out and quite transparent.

It would work great for many things, but for gaming, hell no, at least not at this point, and the small fov is not something to be fixed anytime soon due to resolution, besides its going to be quite expensive.

Vasto913d ago

You don't know what it will work for because Microsoft has not even shown it playing a game.

Taero913d ago if I'm putting stuff up on my walls like in the presentation they last showed when I turn my head it'll look like it's being cut off in mid air?!

Sureshot912d ago

At skyrimer
You are talking so much shit. 40 fov? Where did you get figure from? Source? I've already stated it's less immersive, my point was that hololens allows greater awareness of your surroundings. You seem to know a lot about hololens and yet provide no proof for your claims.

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The story is too old to be commented.