E3 2015: Six Games We Want to See

Karl Dodds and Buddy Acker name six games they'd like to see at this year's E3.

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TXIDarkAvenger1153d ago

Oh how I wish RE7 would go that route. It's wishful thinking that Capcom would change after seeing the hype around P.T which isn't action but survival horror proving there is still a strong fan base for the genre.

comebackkid98911153d ago

Step 1. Drop co-op
Step 2. DROP CO-OP
Step 3.

Retroman1153d ago

New NFS , New Ratchet & Clank all im looking for and Street fighter 5 plus few indies

dragonaught0071153d ago

I know project red just released witcher 3 wild hunt but I cant wait for cyberpunk 2077

Hazmat131153d ago

well i know what i want just re release of Skyrim on PS4 and a fallout collection on PS4 cause i have yet to play the first fallout.