Destiny House of Wolves: The Shadow Thief Strike How to Unlock & Defeat Taniks

Kicking off the first post House of Wolves Nightfall in Destiny is the newest strike, The Shadow Thief. Here are some tips and tricks for taking Taniks down.

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CorndogBurglar1183d ago

Tbis was a very fun strike. Very challenging. Especially the room with the walker.

GameSpawn1183d ago

Watch out for the new exploding Shanks. Those suckers are mega deadly with Arc Burn. There are 1-2 phases of them during the Tank phase of the strike. People tend to forget about the Sniper Vandals at the back of the room (they start appearing around 50% health on the Tank).

The only thing difficult about this strike is that there are not too may "safe" areas compared to other strikes (especially in the Tank section). With a decent team covering each ones' back you can find somewhat safe areas, but they're not 100% safe and adds can still overwhelm you if you don't stay on them.

CorndogBurglar1182d ago

Yeah for sure! The exploding shanks took out my whole team twice. They are rough.