Microsoft Needs to Follow The Ubisoft 'AAA' Blueprint

MR BLACKMAGIK of the DRM Gamecast writes,
"GFFH. GFFH. It's an acronym that Xbox fans know all too well. GFFH! GFFH! It's more than an acronym, after hearing it for almost ten years it has become a chant that just won't stop. Gears, Forza, Fable, Halo! The four game franchises that Microsoft just won't let go. Every year we hear the chant, and frankly, I'm getting sick of it. A successful new intellectual property (IP) isn't easy to come by in this current ultra-competitive industry, but there is one company that seems to have a decent handle on things. One that dives head first into every new venture, for better or worse. Ubisoft. Here is why I think Microsoft needs to follow the Ubisoft blueprint on how to be create a successful, new, AAA franchise."

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RosweeSon1099d ago

Microsoft needs to follow ubisoft AAA, what yearly updates and unfinished products?! No thanks.

rdgneoz31099d ago

Hopefully the likes of AC Unity never happen again...

harrisk9541098d ago

You could argue that the MCC was "unfinished"... the multiplayer, which is the central component of Halo, certainly was broken at release and continues to be broken to this day.

darthv721098d ago

you think multiplayer is the central component??? guess we play the same game for different reasons.

Blues Cowboy1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

I don't see "parody" tags anywhere. I think this is actually on the level.

Not all games need to become franchises. Setting up games to spawn franchises often leads to aggravating plot holes and cliffhangers. Would you like a new Halo and Gears pumped out each and every year, becoming increasingly broken and uninspired?

EDIT: "AAA games are being pressured to spend more on production and marketing. And us gamers, well, some of us are just getting bored of the same recipe with one new ingedient."

... which is the main problem with franchises! I can't even.

scottieleverne1099d ago

Well, they've already rewritten some of the Halo mythos to fit into the new story arcs that followed Bungie's original trilogy. At this point, who cares...

Haru1099d ago

well forza and halo are already anual relases

Septic1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Halo is an annual release?

The Morotsport series is completely different from Horizon.

Do you even?

InTheLab1099d ago

Halo 3 2007
Halo wars 2009
Halo ODST 2009
Halo Reach 2010
Halo CE AN 2011
Halo 4 2012
Halo Spartan Assault 2013
The MCC 2014
Halo 5 Guardians 2015

That's pretty damn close even if you remove Spartan Assault. The MCC and Halo CE were $40 and $60 games so yeah....that counts.

Very few franchises get pumped out like Halo and it's obvious why. Each game is basically another 6m copies sold for MS.

Now Forza....The franchise is annual dude. There's no debating that. It's the same as Need for Speed. Sure Underground and Shift are different but they are still of the same franchise. Forza is no different. It's annual.

Septic1099d ago

Halo 3

Two years later:
Halo Wars was an RTS but okay
Halo ODST- an expansion...

Halo Reach- 3 years after Halo 3 as the first standalone game

Halo CE: Anniversary- remasters now count as part of the franchise?

Halo 4- 2 years after Reach

Spartan Assault was a mobile phone game
TMCC was a remaster package

Halo 5- 3 years after the last game

So since 2007 there in 8 year we have had:

Halo 3, Halo Reach and Halo 4. THREE main games in 8 years.

Forza- its bi-annual per game but yes, the franchise is an annual affair now.

Khajiit861099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Halo is an annual release. Maybe not 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 but they pump them out yearly pretty much, same as AC. And Forza.... Yeah Forza Motorsport and Horizon...... Still Forza.

Edit: I am pretty sure I bought ODST standalone full price but okay.

Spotie1099d ago

Does a Halo game come out every year or nearly? It's a yearly franchise.

Does a Forza game come out every year or nearly? It's a yearly franchise.

You can try to say it's a spinoff or whatever, but it's the same franchise. If people count handheld releases for God of War and Gran Turismo, why can't you count Halo Wars and Forza Horizon?

InTheLab1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Halo Ce and The MCC collection both feature games that are so much more than a simple remaster. You may not choose to see them as standalone halo titles but MS does, which is why they are bundled with the Xbox 1.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Halo Spartan Assault is also on the 360 and X1 right? Is it not apart of the halo franchise?

And here we go with this "main game" crap. Technically, there's only 4 Call of Duty games with the last being Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The rest aren't numbered so they're not the main game. Technically technically, the Advanced Warfare title is a spinoff of Black Ops 2, which is a spinoff of Modern Warfare, which is the "main game".

Listen, just take the L here. You are wrong. And in a round about way, you acknowledged how wrong you were with Forza.

Forgot about you non point on ODST. It may have started out as an expansion but name another expansion where you do not need the main game to play it and paid $60 for it?

Xavior_Reigns1098d ago

Halo isn't an annual release but it's damn close. Forza on the other hand is, or do you not count COD and AC as annual releases? As I remember that was the plan as I read in an issue of OXM in 2011 - to mirror COD releases.

Of course that isn't a problem as long as the quality reminds high, but again it has been annual since Forza 4. This will be confirmed again if Horizon 3 is announced this year.

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PlayableGamez1099d ago

Halo is an annual release?
Halo 4 came out in 2012.
I didn't see no Halo 5 in 2013.
Keep trying troll...

Khajiit861098d ago

I am sure you bought a new halo game last year.

hades071099d ago

Halo is nowhere near an annual release.

LordDhampire1099d ago

and make shitty games what run equally bad on all systems....No thanks

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