Playtonic Games devs: Gaming needs creative risks, respects Ubisoft's approach

In a conversation Examiner had with several members of the Playtonic Games team, we spoke about what gaming needs to improve upon in order to secure longevity.

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-Foxtrot1065d ago

How is Ubisoft creative these days. They only do IPs they think can be continuously milked.

Prince of Persia, Rayman 4 3D, Beyond Good and Evil and an actual Pirate RPG using Black Flags.

RuleNumber51065d ago

To be fair all publishers try to create IPs that'll be long-term franchises. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just a matter of business. Besides, for this generation, they have created Child of Light, Grow Home, Valiant Hearts, Watch Dogs, The Crew, Rainbow Six Siege and The Division. All new IPs. Not many other publishers have created that many new IP.

dreamed1065d ago

Rainbow 6 is not a new ip, its just one of many that put ubi on the map,and their thanks to rainbow fans for that was the middle finger while they dumbed it down for the shitty cod button basher masses.

Skate-AK1065d ago

Child of Light and Valiant Hearts were amazing. Look past the AAA releases. Black Flag was a lot of fun too.

dreamed1065d ago

Exactly....all their classic franchises have been butcherd to appeal to the cod masses,hopfully rainbow 6 will be a return to tactical clancy?....but i very much doubt it.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Ubisoft NO NO NO and NO
Creative LOL no

GT671065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

they need to CUT back on over saturated open world games . to bloody many seem to me this generation gone open world "WILD" thats Crazy. that is why sales dropping same she-it over and over military shooter, same format with different titles . Call of duty is the seed battlefield ,destiny, halo etc all other fps branch out from Call of duty .
june 16 comes we'll see same she-it again.

skulz71065d ago

People complain about Ubisoft but forget that they own some of the biggest franchises in gaming (AC, Prince of Persia, splinter cell, rainbow six etc). I love their indie games, they just need to start delaying games properly when needed.

N4GJD1064d ago

Great article! It quickly summarizes how many older gamers probably feel about the gaming industry we know today.

But it doesn't mention the primary cause for the lack of innovation and diversity: photorealistic graphics! Believe it or not, this inherently causes a ton of the risk. Why? Because to achieve those graphics; publishers need to hire 100's of artists for just a single game, costing them a ton of money and the risk that comes with it.

So ask yourself this; do you really need and/or want photorealistic graphics? Does it really make a game that much better? Is it worth it for the many sacrifices?