Destiny: House of Wolves Impressions – Extra Frosting

Is Destiny's newest expansion something everyone should dive into? Or does this make the game a whole lot worse? Find out in the full impressions of the House of Wolves DLC.

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Romudeth1152d ago

It's cool that we can finally go to The Reef. It sucked how that area had nothing to do in it.

Venomousfatman1152d ago

There is stuff to do in the Reef. I wish there was more story based stuff that related to the main campaign of the game, like a mission on the our sections of the reef, but there is a lot in there. More is going to open up when Temple of Osiris opens up on the weekends. So you'll be getting a good dose of PvE and PvP stuff from this DLC.

JeffGUNZ1151d ago

I think he meant PRIOR to this DLC the reef was a blank space when you clicked on it. I like the DLC so far. I'll probably play around with Trial of Osiris this weekend as well.

rbailey1152d ago

Perhaps I will try Destiny out again but not anytime soon. Dropping this expansion on the same day as The Witcher 3 wasnt a good idea at all lol

Venomousfatman1152d ago

Very true. More than likely, a version of the game will come out that has all the DLC included. That'll be the better time to jump into it if you never bought the game at release.

brokenbracket1151d ago

I was extremely disappointed in the story missions. They were super easy and didn't really tie into the original main story missions. Sure they mentioned The Dark Below, Crota and the Hive, but they don't tell you much story wise. If this were a movie and a sequel to another movie, you could watch this one first without seeing the first one. The ending was extremely mundane and didn't feel rewarding at all.

The new strike, however, I found to be a little more challenging. I only played it as a Nightfall strike, so it's probably a little easier through the strike playlist. The map was inventive and challenging since there's not a lot of places to hide. The boss battle is about on the same level as the Archon Priest from the Winter's Run strike.

The PRISON OF FREAKING ELDERS!!! I finally got to Prison of Elders last night with a couple friends of mine and man was it amazing! Talk about challenging, they definitely upped the ante with Prison of Elders. You have to first complete the level 28 Prison of Elders, took us about 30 to 45mins, all three of us were 32's. By the third round, you could really feel the difficulty of it. Once we completed it, we decided to take on the level 32 to really challenge ourselves. And boy was it challenging. Again, we were all 32's taking on the level 32 Prison of Elders. By the second round you could feel the increase in difficulty as more enemies spawned, the modifiers were more difficult as we went, and the enemies got tougher as we went. I found the enemies to be much smarter and aggressive than say in a strike or even a raid. We didn't actually die, however, until the fourth round when you fight the first boss. Yeah, first boss, lol. There was a boss fight on the 4th round and the 5th round, with the one in the 5th round being the toughest. The level 32 Prison of Elders took us about an hour to finish, only because the final boss has a shield that rotates elemental damage, meaning solar shield goes down, he'll put up a void damage shield, it goes down, he'll put up an arc shield. I hope Bungie changes the length of time his shield goes down, because that's the only reason it took us so long to beat him. The rewards were well.. rewarding! There's three chests at the end, on level 28 we didn't open the big one as you need a key to open the big chest. We decided to save our keys to get the better reward on the level 32 Prison of Elders. All three of us got one exotic weapon, one legendary weapon, a class item, and strange coins. Variks also gives you a pair of gauntlets once you complete the level 32 Prison of Elders.

All in all, I'm satisfied with this expansion. There's plenty to do, and plenty of new weapons and armor to indulge in, despite what a lot of people say. This expansion makes Destiny feel more like a complete game. I'm excited to check out Trials of Osiris since I wasn't all that blown away with Crucible, I expect it to be just as much fun as Prison of Elders tho!

If you're on the fence about getting this game but love shooters, I'd recommend it, and the DLC expansion packs. Crota was great fun, and so is Prison of Elders. And the game is on discount almost all the time, so I'd recommend dishing out the bucks.

Venomousfatman1151d ago

Thats a very long response... LoL