10 PS4 Features We Want Announced at E3 2015

The PlayStation 4 is already an amazing system full of features like Share Play that have never been seen before in a gaming console. That being said, there is still room for improvement as Sony’s latest console is currently missing some features that were a staple of the PS3. Thankfully, hope is around the corner as E3 is coming up in less than a month. To mark this occasion, PlayStation LifeStyle has made a list of 10 PS4 features we want to see announced at E3.

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TrendyGamers1068d ago

Being able to turn the light bar off would be appreciated.

Kingdomcome2471068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

I don't get why people would disagree with that. I understand why it's there, but until Morpheus is released it's only real implementation is some admittedly neat, but also not entirely necessary gameplay implementations. It would extend the battery life considerably, and I'm not sure why people would disagree with at least having the option to disable it for those who have no plans to get Morpheus, and who place a higher premium on battery life than they do it's currently displayed applications.

MTROB1068d ago

I have mine on the dimmed setting and it really does make a difference to battery life

Kingdomcome2471068d ago

It's does make a nice difference. I'd guess that it prolongs the battery life by at least 15-20%.

Paul851068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

External harddrive support please. All points were great! And how about to ability to change your avatar from the collection you had on ps3.

Duke191068d ago

I still have both my PS3 and PS4 hooked up, because some of the classic games on PSN are just too good to pass up for PS3.

Would LOVE if there was a big push to get some of these games on PS4, so I could finally retire my PS3 - but I guess thats just a nice to have imo.

Travis37081068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

What I want and many other's might want as well.
#1 Friend Notfications
#2 USB video support
#3 Folders
#5 custom wallpapers
#6 Friend list sorting(favorite friends)
#7 Avatars (some people still buy them)
and that's about it..

PANDAB1068d ago

My name is PANDAB and I approve this message

GameSpawn1068d ago

"#7 Avatars (some people still buy them)"

I've noticed if you haven't linked your FaceBook account whatever Avatar you're account had set via the PS3 shows on the PS4.

22CobraKing1068d ago

#8 external hard drive support

WickedLester1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Great list. I'll add to that

#8.) External HDD Support
#9.) Audio CD support (yes people still use them)
#10.) Lossless music file support such as FLAC, WAV, etc.

Brooklynbully1231068d ago

I'll take your list over there's any day

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The story is too old to be commented.