Metal Gear Solid 5 To Have Less Emphasis On Heavy Cutscenes, Fans May Need To Adjust Themselves

No more 90 minute long cutscenes.

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Nitrowolf21154d ago

Old news, they stated this even before ground zero released that cutscenes wouldn't be long, in fact I think they even mentioned that most of the story is told on the fly as you play

XBLSkull1154d ago

Thank god, easily the worst part of the series, way to long of cut scenes and a ridiculous story. Sounds like this may end up being the best game of the series.

ThatEnglishDude1154d ago

If you don't like the story at this point, then why are you even bothering to play the games?

Haru1154d ago

''way to long of cut scenes and a ridiculous story''

Now that's your avarage xbox gamer no sympathy for the story or actually give a damn about the plot just hand him a gun and let him shot things nice logic to go by

OrangePowerz1154d ago

That's part of the franchise and the cut down on cutscenes and their length with Big Boss not talking much is one of the thing's that make me skeptical about the game and also skeptical about who came up with those ideas. Since those changes are aimed at selling more games and not really at catering to the fanbase.

Germany71154d ago

Metal Gear with a ridiculous story? LOL

mikeslemonade1154d ago

The MGS story is the best story in video games period.

I have wager with my friend that Batman will have a higher meta score than MGS. I think this confirms that I will be getting two free dinners!

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trickman8881154d ago

Considering the amount of complaints MGS4 gets on it's cutscenes, can't say i'm surprised.

2pacalypsenow1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

If its anything like PW i will love it , i like the route PW took .
My favorite MGS are still the first 4 but the game needs to evolve and PW did a great job

generic-user-name1154d ago

Everything points to MGSV being a hugely expanded PW, which is cool. I'm expecting this to be my GOTY, possibly of the generation.

DarXyde1154d ago

I rather enjoyed those long cutscenes, but this is nothing new. They mentioned the cutscenes will have curtailed length and Big Boss himself won't be speaking much (rather, the narrative will be fleshed out by those around him). I imagine Sutherland is expensive and this works out in Kojima's favor.

If the ending was long, I wouldn't mind at all. Metal Gear Solid 4's was fantastic.

Cy1154d ago

Yeah, MGS5 is gonna be a nice game, but it's not gonna be a real MGS experience. Sad, but whatever. I'm used to things changing for the worse.

DarXyde1154d ago

Your pessimism is corrosive, mate.

Think about the bright sides that outweigh the cons:

-The game is supposed to be massive
- 60fps
-It was meant to be a different experience from the get-go and this just happens to be a change that comes with it

-It's Metal Gear Solid V. METAL. GEAR. SOLID.....*****IN' FIVE. We've waited a **very** long time to see it come to the light.

I'm sure the awesomeness will outweigh the shortened cutscenes, which was apparently a common complaint. The past games had a lot to explain, especially MGS4 since it tried to wrap up everything. Big Boss' story has always been simpler in my opinion and spread out so there wasn't a need to explain as much in one game. This game now is about depicting his descent into darkness which I imagine is pretty simple when you consider the events of the past games. The guy's been on a slippery slope since Operation Snake Eater. It was a matter of time and his change of heart makes much more sense now. I think it'll still tell a grant story without the cutscene length.

OrangePowerz1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Rather 30 fps and more cutscenes :D

The complaints about the cutscenes came from whom exactly? MGS fans or non MGS fans? Often the people I have seeb complaining are the ones that don't buy the MGS games anyway.

I'm skeptical myself especially since a lot of the changes are done, at least on the surface, to gain more sales and attract the non MGS players. I would be interested to know if all of these things come from Kojima or Konami, but we will never find out.

I played Ground Zeros and there was very little that made it feel like a MGS game for me personally. You cpuld have replaced the model with Sam Fisher and I would have thought it's a Splinter Cell game.

Shadowstar1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

There are still cutscenes in MGS5. Absolutely there are. I'm going to guess that they're saying there's no 90 minute Meryl-Johnny-wedding-for-the-s ake-of-it scene going on. Ugh, that was just so long and pointless...

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