The Witcher 3's free manual is being ripped off and sold on Google Play by scammers

Each copy of The Witcher 3 comes with a free manual, but some people are apparently trying to profit by selling a scanned version of it online.

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Maul_T_Pass1156d ago

The people who would buy this also probably bought empty Xbox one boxes at Christmas time...

kopko1156d ago

stupid, people who buy that are even stupider i think

TheCommentator1156d ago

Isn't this copyright infringement? Nintendo sued Blockbuster around 25 years ago, and won for photocopying manuals to give out with their rentals.

BB1156d ago

Oh, yea. I totally forgot about that.

Articuno761156d ago

You've got to be kidding me. Instructional Manual piracy is now a thing? Why? The only people who would ever want one are those that own the game (and they'd get one anyway!) :S

BB1156d ago

Exactly! I don't know who would actually purchase this, especially when the game has a tutorial.

BB1156d ago

Hopefully Google can do something about this.

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