What Wii U games to expect from the E3 2015 Nintendo Digital Event

Game Idealist's list of Wii U games to expect to appear on the E3 2015 Nintendo Digital Event.

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bacrec11188d ago

I want a full breakdown on Star Fox Wii U. It is still coming out this year after all.

Mikito111187d ago

I'm sure it will get a lot of coverage in the nintendo treehouse streams

marloc_x1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I really look forward to the progress made with Devil's Third over this past year and hope to see it through a Treehouse stream :)

DoggyBiscuit1187d ago

I wanna know what Retro working on

Retroman1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

in the article.

below title say "What not to expect" from Nintendo

my guess games we REALLY want to play, outside of same ol same ol Mario, Zelda, Donky Kong,Yoshi.
would LOOVE!! to play Battletoad, Final fight, Battle arena toshiden ,2D side scrolling Metroid, 2D Castlevania , 2D Contra, Gradius, Einhander, Raiden, Metal slug, G-Darius or twins, Earth worm jim, up-to-date Gun starhero etc......

Big question is "why investors " afraid to allow iwata develop more games outside the box??

BigDuo1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Investors don't seem to really have any say in the kind of games Nintendo wants to make. All investors really care about is wanting the company to be profitable. It's up to Nintendo to come up with game ideas and peripherals (like amiibo) that consumers will likely want to buy. Nintendo also tries to be cautious with its development and marketing budgets. OF course, when it comes to flagship franchises and even potential new IPS Nintendo has faith in, they provide more marketing support towards (this includes games such as Splatoon).

Nintendo isn't afraid of making original games. It's just that from a business perspective, it makes a lot of sense to try to use your existing IP brand power to help make new games more marketable as spin-off titles. After all, Nintendo has among the most iconic characters in the industry and quite frankly, most other publishers would do what Nintendo does if they had such iconic characters, but even when they do have some, such characters aren't necessarily as easy to adapt into different kinds of games.

It makes it easier to sell a game to customers who are already fans of Nintendo IPs such as Mario and Kirby which is why these two characters in particular, are often featured in numerous spin-off titles ranging from Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Mario Party, Mario Sports and Kirby's Mass Attack, Epic Yarn, Crash Course and others. Characters like these two have flexibility and can be rather easily adapted to different kind of gameplay concepts, but not always.

When Nintendo designs a game, it always starts out with the structure first. It focuses on brainstorming and prototyping a gameplay mechanic to build the game around instead of first choosing which old character or if a new character should be used in the game and what kind of world to put it in. Once the game begins to take shape after some further expansion on the idea, then the developer decides what characters to put in it if it makes sense to use an old or new one.

Some games just didn't make sense to use old Nintendo characters in such as Pikmin, Splatoon and Wonderful 101. Regarding the latter, Platinum Games proposed Wonderful 101 to Nintendo as a spin-off project based on using Nintendo characters, but Nintendo felt that it wasn't a good fit to base the game on because the gameplay mechanics unite morph didn't seem to be very cohesive in why Nintendo characters were starring in the game, so Platinum made the game an original IP using brand new characters which made more sense.

BigDuo1187d ago

When Kirby's Epic Yarn was being made, the game was initially planned to be an original IP using prince fluff, an original character to star in it. While the dev team conceptualized making a colorful, yarn-themed art style in a happy-go-lucky game world with a relaxing sense of atmosphere and a low difficulty challenge to base the game around, they struggled with other aspects of the game's design. Coincidentally, Prince Fluff resembles the size and shape of Kirby. Kirby was used in other spin-off games without his original powers, so Nintendo suggested the dev team use Kirby in the game instead of Prince Fluff. The dev team realized it made sense for what they were trying to do and the team was able to easily adapt Kirby into the style of game they wanted to make. The title went from being an original IP to becoming a new IP as a spin-off game.

As far as Splatoon goes, Nintendo gave its dev teams the opportunity to have some time to come up with more original IPs as a garage projects to experiment with. Most of the time, the EAD teams are preoccupied with developing games for existing franchises, but Splatoon was the first idea that came out of this opportunity and was intended to be an original IP. You should read the Iwata Asks interview on Splatoon which is available now. It's pretty informative on the game's development process and the challenges the team faced in deciding what characters to use and expanding on the initial gameplay idea.

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