Project Cars review: Brutal realism flirts with frustration | IBTimes UK

Games for people who like cars and games for people who like driving can be two very different things.

The former are entertained by the likes of Forza Horizon with its music festival, fireworks, street racing and easy, controllable, drift-friendly physics; the financial clout of Microsoft ensures an enormous car roster to please every taste.

But those who revel in the challenge of wrestling an unruly, turbo lag-ridden 1970s Formula One car through the streets of Monaco and the forests of Spa have to look elsewhere.

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reallyNow1070d ago

this game is very unforgiving(turn all driving assists to "real" or dont bother playing the game) and thats what makes it fun. trying to master the karts is really hard, but very pleasing once you've gotten the hang of it.

urwifeminder1069d ago

Enjoying it that much decided to get Asseto with the Nurburgring pack today on steam as it is on special , got my eye on Dirt rally as well shame the exchange rate bit so hard $50 steam cost me $63 AUD lol.