Weapons of choice - Winners from Ludum Dare 32

Rob Manuel of [email protected] writes:

"Originally started as an online forum, a group of daring developers put together a game jam over a decade ago by the same name: Ludum Dare. The group of twelve quickly grew and spread out across the globe much like the Global Game Jam. For 48 hours straight, everyone from professionals to amateurs come together to create a game based on a topic voted on by the public. Once the Red Bull wears off, participants will play and judge each other on a variety of categories such as game design or simply being cool.

Now unlike their Global Game Jam counterpart, Ludum Dare takes place three times during the year. On top of that, there are various other side jams spinning off from this competition allowing for more time or focusing on finishing and selling one of their projects. Given any point of the year, someone is probably thinking about the next Ludum Dare, working on one, or trying to figure out what went wrong with the last game."

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