Destiny: House Of Wolves Launch Impressions - "The Kell Has No Clothes"

Dealspwn: "I've had a blast as always, but unfortunately what seems to be a huge wodge of content is far less substantial than it first appears. As is so often the case with Destiny, the emperor has no clothes.

"Or the Kell has no combat regalia to be more precise."

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bggriffiths1125d ago

New content is welcome, but the high price and lack of matchmaking is so off putting as a player that lost interest by the time I got to Light levelling. GOTY version with MM and I'm ready to come back though.

Blues Cowboy1125d ago

Yeah, I feel like more 6-player content would have been good too. For £19.99 it has to be a rip-off, surely.

TheImprobableMulk1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

In a way, I think it's a reflection on how the 3-player stuff is easier to get into and organise (a reason why most MMOs lowered their 20+ player raid requirements down to 10.) That said, some sort of group finder feature would be useful for things like raids and potentially allow more people the chance to see content that previously hadn't. I don't buy the whole "communication is needed" mantra as an excuse - the way I see it, if randomers want to die repeatedly, why should be stop them?

suc9151125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

@ JWiLL552 i agree 1000% for the price the content is generous compared to other dlc offerings from other games and it was definitely a better offering than the last dlc for sure.

JWiLL5521125d ago

It was about $5 more than your average CoD DLC and compared to that, there's a ton of content. I don't really agree that it's not worth the price. 5 new story missions, 5 new PVP maps, 2 new game modes and a ton of new weapons. That's more than most games give you in a DLC these days.

Still a flawed game, but this was a big step above the first DLC.