Borderlands: The Handsome Collection gets a massive performance patch

Dealspwn: "As much as we love Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, we were compelled to point out some annoying technical issues. Frame rate drops can affect both Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel, while the latter suffers from the most egregious screen tearing I've seen in a console game in quite some time.

Thankfully Gearbox have deployed a whopping new patch that should go some way towards fixing these problems... at the expense of pulling down about 8GB."

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bggriffiths1159d ago

It would be nice if some of these patches replaced data on the hard drive rather than just joined it. Ether One started at 3gb on PS4. Two patches later and I think it's at 10gb now. That said, I'd rather the games get fixed. Or yanno, released in working condition like they managed in the 90s.

Blues Cowboy1159d ago

Most of the time patches do overwrite and replace data. When they don't, it's usually because they're stealthily installing DLC assets (like Destiny and Dead Rising 3 do).

Cra2yey31159d ago

Ether One was updated? Twice?? I have it installed but heard of the slowdown or frame rate issues and have been waiting for an update...

JWiLL5521159d ago

I was waiting for this before I continued with The Pre Sequel. Will have to jump back on and check it out...

Once I'm done with The Witcher :P

MrDead1159d ago

I'm playing the Pre-Sequel now, PS4. There are still a few stutters in the frame rate but nothing like it was, also the light bar on the DS4 changes colour depending what elemental weapon you have, which is nice.

Quick round up:
Sexy colours.

NeoGamer2321159d ago

I bought it on day one and parked the game due to its bugs. Add to DriveClub, Halo MCC, AC Unity, and BF4...

I am now Day One shy and don't buy games until I know they are solid. It is a sad state of affairs this generation. And gamers should not support this crap day one stuff anymore.