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GG: "I'm not sure if there's anything better than the glorious, endless possibility of an epic fantasy open world. And now we have the biggest, most thrilling and most detailed open world yet with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt."

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Wii_nes_0071066d ago

Disagree. Its too laggy and too buggy fora 10. The games concept deserves a 10, but the ps4's current condition is unplayable and is unfinished. You cant even move the camera around without horrible lag which pulls you out of the game. Hopefully a patch will solve these game ending issues but until then its collecting dust on my shelf. Im extremely disappointed in the ps4's performance.

barb_wire1066d ago

WTH are you talking about.. I played W3 this morning on my PS4 without any kind of hitch and there's no lag when using the camera, very smooth for me. There's already a Day 1 patch of 482MB out too.

Snookies121066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Played for 5 hours on PS4 so far, no sign of any problems during gameplay. Only some minor frame rate issues during particular cut scenes. Camera movement is perfectly smooth for me.

Kingdomcome2471066d ago

Same here for me. I've encountered minor frame pacing issues, and it's just taking me a little bit of time to come to grips with the controls. Thankfully I've yet to encounter a single game crash, or any glitches/bugs that hinder my enjoyment of the game. I ran into a funny clipping issue. I was on the top floor area of the garrison outpost that kicks off the Griffin contract, and while looting an upstairs room, lo and behold, there was Roach's head clipping through the wall looking at me whenever I'd left him downstairs lol. Off topic: I read the article a few days back that spoke about the advantages/disadvantages of installing the day one 1.01 patch. I was going to try to skip the patch to gauge the performance, so I chose to not install the update whenever it prompts you to upon inserting the disc. After the game's install, I went to launch the game, which in turn prompted me to install the patch again. I once again chose not to, but the game wouldn't launch. It seems as though the patch is required to launch the game, so why the article posing the question as to whether or not you should install the patch as it seems it's a prerequesite to being able to launch the game?

kraenk121066d ago

I really don't get this lag you are talking about. Must be your sole problem.

starchild1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Well these guys are saying it runs just fine for them on the PS4 and I can tell you that my PC version has no "lag" and it has never crashed.

For me it has simply been an amazing, beautiful, solid game. I would definitely give it a score between 9.5 and 10 so far. And no a 10 does not mean a perfect game (which does not exist), it just means it raises the bar for its genre and is about as good as it gets for games of its type.

Baka-akaB1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

There are slowdown in a few places and scenes here and there for both XB1 and PS4 , but we all knew there would be . No way it's unplayable like you claim .

And if you feel it is unplayable , you should have known better and stuck to a pc version

sevilha821065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

That didn´t stop Skyrim from getting perfect scores and a GOTY ward,and it was much worse at the time,the Witcher has minor sttuters and split second frame rate drops,Red Dead Redemption is to this date one of the bugiest games of history,GOTY and perfect scores,you wanna know why,because the experince and immersion that those games createad surpassed their problems,the Witcher is no where near the problems those game had at the time and give us a similiar and magnificient game experience,thats why it´s having such high score,so stop being a hater(only God knows why) and play the game or GTFO.

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totalrecoilzz1066d ago

well im playing it on pc with high gfx at 60 fps and i think even with all that the game is boring with clunky controls..played it for around 8 hours just doing the story and most of the time im just watching a cut scene and its usually a very boring one that i wanna skip...the story in this game is rubbish and after 8 hours i dont think ill go back to it!

Utalkin2me1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Possible Spoilers!!!

I really think these reviews are paid off. While the game is decent is suffers from alot of things to make it a 10. It would be a 7 tops in my opinion. This is based off my playing the PC version.

Graphics = Are Ok, nothing ground breaking, nothing new. The grass seems cartoonish, its not really defined and has low res textures applied. The lighting, seems almost non existent and really a big miss. And why is it always windy?

Controls = Slightly clunky, such as you have to run circles around things on the ground to pick it up. Do to it being very weighty like. And it seems like there is some latency when it comes to controls too. Combat is ok, but not satisfying really to me. All i have used is the fast attack and not even my powers ever and i haven't died in combat not one time. They should have balanced it a little more, to make you think about strategy, instead of just a 1 button masher and being able to run right through the game. Yes i know you can up the diffuculty. But that didn't really seem to make a huge difference.

Story= Seems a little lackluster and not really engaging and compelling. It does at certain times, such as the griffin fight. But that was the only time i couldn't wait to fight and proceed forward. But the fight was lackluster and was over in about 30 secs. Voice overs a good, but most of the cutscenes are a little to be desired.

Plus on top of ton of glitches and crashes and such. I just don't understand these reviews.

JWiLL5521066d ago

Please. This isn't EA or Ubisoft.

Kingdomcome2471066d ago

There's a huge sea in the game world that could be the reason for the constant wind. Akin to what you find in Chicago being right beside lake Michigan, and being dubbed the windy city. I guess you have higher standards than me, because I find the lighting to be beautiful, and I'm playing on console. My personal score, taking into account the bugs (which I haven't really experienced), would be no lower than a 8.75. This game is not just completely riddled with cutscenes, unless you are counting the dialogue options scenes. That's you're opinion though, and I'm not trying to belittle you for it.

Perjoss1066d ago

I'm lucky enough to be playing this on a great rig so everything is fully maxed, plays silky smooth and looks jaw dropping. They have done an outstanding job with this game in every aspect, but I would still not give it a 10 because of the strange controls, I don't see why your character has to think about it for a second after you press to move forward before moving. Its like they have given priority over the animations rather than the input coming from the player.

Its very easy to go into full on fanboy mode when a game is this good and just say its perfect, but lets be truthful, the controls are not great. Maybe I'm just spoiled coming from Bloodborne and its super responsive controls.

Immorals1066d ago

Best game I've played all year, no contest. It's gonna be a long task to do everything!

Germany71066d ago

These are the same who complained when a game it's too difficult, lol.

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