Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy XV Community Feedback Special Video

As part of Square Enix’s commitment to listening to fan feedback, the publisher held a special community event to discuss directly with dedicated Final Fantasy fans their thoughts and feelings towards the latest entry in the series, Final Fantasy XV.

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DarkOcelet858d ago

Tabata seems very passionate about FFXV. I feel this game will blow our minds when its released. I feel like they want to really revive the franchise again after FFXIII and hopefully they succeed in doing so.

I cant wait for this game to get released.

TekKing858d ago

He seems passionate about ruining Nomura's vision of the game. FFXV is nothing but another FFXIII clone so I don't see why people think it's going to change anything.

They have a better chance with FF16 than anything else and that's only if they don't delay it to downgrade it later.

goldwyncq858d ago

FFXV looks nothing like FFXIII at all. Go troll somewhere else.

Kurisu858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

FFXV is a clone of FFXIII? I don't get all. From playing the FFXV demo both games are nothing alike.

EDIT @ GOLD: Sorry I clicked disagree instead of agree >.>

Eiyuuou858d ago

I was wondering when you'd show up again.

We sure have missed your constructive criticism and innovative comments. /s

NoctisPendragon858d ago

FF XV is like this since E3 2013 , still buthurt ?

never4get858d ago

Toriyama had a Vision, but PS3 CELL architecture is too damn complex that most AAA JRPG developers avoid like a plague, but he stick with it and made the best looking JRPG on Playstation 3.

Kumomeme856d ago


have you actually play ffxiii?

character,concept,gameplay,co mbat are whole different

not mention ffxiii were linear and xv was open world

stop trolling douche

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UNKLE858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

meh the demo was boring.. versus 13 gameplay was better in videos..

Magicite858d ago

Its a wishful thinking, but I really want FF15 becomes something special like FF9/10.

DarkOcelet858d ago

I honestly want it to become special like FFXII too :)

Big_Game_Hunters858d ago

Western feedback: game is too easy
Japanese feedback: the game is too hard.
Guess we know what side he will take there.

DragonKnight858d ago

Basically nothing has changed since FFIV.

Godmars290858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

No. The original JP version of FF4 was by all reports harder than the western port.

Also FF4 had sidequests based around character types/classes and acquiring magic.

FF15 is a roadtrip where magic is optional.

DragonKnight858d ago

Yes I know, that's what I meant. SE will give us the easy version just like they did with FFIV.

Big_Game_Hunters858d ago

That isn't what happened, the game is just typical nomoura button mash easy,for both versions.The problem is Japanese gamers have gone almost full on casual so they probably wont take steps to add a little more challenge to the game.

Kurisu858d ago

I was pretty shocked when the Japanese said that the demo was too hard. It wasn't hard at all. They're getting too used to easy mobile games!

NoctisPendragon858d ago

They will add dificulty options they said, this is the side he takes .

PlayableGamez858d ago

Hajime Tabata look like a Japanese version of Phil Spencer.

isarai858d ago

Hopefully they actually take the feedback into account cause Japanese publishers/havent exactly been attentive to their fans/audience the past few years

Kurisu858d ago

Well they gave a demo, took feedback from the demo via a survey, held this event and will be releasing an update to the demo next month which addresses issues bought up in that feedback. I'd say they are paying attention to fans :)