Beach Buggy Racing coming to consoles May 29th

Beach Buggy Racing will be out on Xbox One and PS4 on May 29th.

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SolidDuck1158d ago

A kart racing with no online multiplayer in 2015? No thanks.

gangsta_red1158d ago

Waitaminute...wha!? Where did you read that? I seriously hope not.

SolidDuck1158d ago

I looked at the wiki, and the gamepage on No mention of online mp at all. That's usually a sign that there is none.

gangsta_red1158d ago

At the (two) people who keep disagreeing with almost every post I make can you explain why this game should not be online.

1158d ago
gangsta_red1158d ago

"Play with up to 4 players on PlayStation 4…. and up to 6 (SIX!) players on Xbox One!"

I wonder why the PS4 has only 4(HA) players and they gave X1 6?

Anyways there needs to be more MArio Kart style games for the X1 and PS4. I wish Sega would make another sequel to Sonic All Stars because that game was ridiculously fun.