10 Most Morally Bankrupt Things You’ve Ever Done In Video Games

Out here in the real world, you’re a kind, thoughtful individual. Who knows, you probably have a lovely group of friends who you meet and share laughs over a cheese platter with – all whilst altruistically giving money to sick children, sometimes without even realising it. At work you’re the life of the office; the dependable, shining light that brings hope to the most miserable of days.

But let’s be honest, as soon as you pick up that controller you reveal a heart of darkness so hollow, so depraved, even Satan – sickened by your actions, no less – would recognise you’ve got issues and quit the business of pure evil to start a help group for the criminally insane.

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TheColbertinator916d ago

In Deus Ex IW some kid named Billy asked me for money for his sick mom by selling a map. Shot his head with a sniper and threw his body in a dumpster. Truly a depraved moment.

barb_wire916d ago

Used a mod on 'Fallout 3' and wiped out those little b'stards in Little Lamplight - it was glorious!

ERFO916d ago

You...... monster.....

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Donnywho916d ago

Satan said he hasn't been sickened since you were created.

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The story is too old to be commented.