Life is Strange Episode 3 - Chaos Theory Review [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn: There are so many questions left for Life is Strange to answer, and with only two episodes left, it's going to need to hit the ground running next time. You're looking at two to three hours of game time in this episode depending on how many extra details you want to dig out. The mystery of Rachel is getting clearer though and there's another gobsmacking finale.

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Blues Cowboy1182d ago

Argh, still can't quite decide whether to bite the bullet on this one! Great review but "so many questions left."

Either way, I'll probably buy it complete and then play each episode with a day in between rather than binging.

bggriffiths1182d ago

Yeah, I'd say that's the best way if you haven't started already. I did it that way with Wolf Among Us and enjoyed it much more.

6 weeks or more between episodes is a joke really. Capcom nailed it by finishing their game first, then releasing Revelations 2 on a weekly basis.

Pozzle1181d ago

After the twist ending in this episode, I'm very curious to see how they will tie up all lose ends in just two more episodes. It feels like we've only just really gotten into the story. It's hard to believe its past the halfway point.