May PS Plus – PS4 Offerings Breakdown

Every Month we get a slew of new games from PS Plus, some great, some not so great. SO how do you determine which is worth your precious hard drive space? Ben from TZR give you his opinions on which games each month are worth it.

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callumjack1155d ago

I was gonna give this month a pass, but Ether One sounds good

GameSpawn1155d ago

Claim it on Plus, but hold out for a patch. There are some truly game breaking bugs currently.

I hit one that killed my motivation because it will involve me starting all over to work around it only to have a chance that it could happen again. My issue was not being able to teleport back to the game's "hub" during one of the sections, which you normally are able to do.

ChouDa1155d ago

^ Thank you for the heads up. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

But, other then the bugs, the games good?

Der_Kommandant1155d ago

There's no excuse for a first person game in 2015 not to have an inverted Y-axis option.

I want to play it but i can't.

GameSpawn1155d ago


If you like puzzle/exploration games, bugs aside Ether One is great. The puzzles are just obscure enough to still make you explore and think, but not be impossible to solve or just blatantly easy. The story is an interesting concept and makes you want to keep playing more.

Currently though the console version of Ether One is experiencing a lot of the same bugs the initial version on Steam had. If you can get it on sale on Steam it will probably be well worth it since the big issues have been fixed with that version, otherwise grab it free and wait for a patch (hopefully soon) on consoles.

ChouDa1155d ago

Sir Spawn of Game. You're speaking my language! I will check this out TONIGHT!

Highlife1155d ago


Thanks for the heads up. I can't play games without the inverted y either. Can't remember what game it was but during the opening part of the game you couldn't invert the y until you got past the opening so frustrating. So guess I won't be playing this game.

jznrpg1155d ago

It is a great PS+ game, hopefully a patch comes out soon. I have been kicked out of the game a couple times so I am awaiting a patch as well, but it is well worth an add to your library. It is a nice change of pace when I need a break from other games.

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asadachi1155d ago

This game needs to be patched, something the developer said would have been out at the beginning of the month if I remember correctly.

callumjack1155d ago

God damn inverted heathen

Takwin1155d ago

Looks cool. Can't play. No inverted.

Unacceptable to not have inverted controls. Abominable. CRIMINAL!!!

PhantomTommy1155d ago

WAS enjoying Ether one until I updated it and now it won't load my save anymore!

B_Rickaby1155d ago

Yeah I broke Ether One when I tried to play it. ZeroReview will update the story with a video of me trying to make it through the bugs. Anyone actually finish the game on PS4 without it breaking?

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