Witcher 3 PS4 Won't Receive A Photo Mode Anytime Soon, Dev Looking To Add DualShock 4 Support For PC

Community Lead & Website Coordinator at CDPR on photo mode and DualShock 4 support for the PC version.

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Satyre281005d ago

I think first they need to fix the FPS issues on PS4. Even digital foundry said that PS4 suffers from severe FPS drops, it goes to 20FPS in combat, cut screens etc, while the X1 gives a better fluid experience.

thekhurg1005d ago

Try reading the DF article again before you troll.

Satyre281005d ago

How am i wrong? That is in summary exactly what the digital foundry stated. Stop being so butt hurt, it will be patched and fixed.

Eonjay1005d ago


At no point does DF claim that the Xbox One is smoother. In fact it claims the opposite and they hope that a cap can be introduced in a later patch to remedy the inconsistent frame delivery.

KarmaV121005d ago


21 hours in on the Xbox One version. Only stuttering I've seen are the audio issues. Frame rate keeps constant.

Palitera1005d ago

^ A lot of bad eyed people claim it about PS4 as well, so it really doesn't matter if you don't see the issues.

And yes, they really should fix the performance and the ridiculous PC AI on consoles. IF they can. I don't have much faith anymore in them.

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TheGreatGamer1005d ago

Xbox One maintains less frame rate drops but it fluctuates too often so the camera is sometimes jiggles too much if that makes sense, locked 30fps patch for X1 version would be nice

Nekroo911005d ago

Damm troll cant even read "The first distinction is that PS4 caps its frame-rate at 30fps (with v-sync), while Xbox One runs with no cap at all to allow a variance between 30-40fps during play. This means Sony's machine is in theory capable of a smoother experience - "

"Overall, the fact Xbox One tends to holds a higher frame-rate is misleading in terms of the quality of the end experience; a capped 30fps is by far the preferred option in this case and we still hope to see it implemented in a future update."

PS4 version only drops during cutscenes

Articuno761005d ago

The PC version has these choppy pre-rendered sequecnes they need to do something about. At least make the pre-rendered sequences high quality/framerate so it's not so obvious (the one in-engine one I've seen anyway).

Haru1005d ago

Witcher runs at 30 fps on PS4 25 fps is the lowest it goes during gameplay you troll

SCW19821005d ago

Ha ha your hilarious bro.

Hellsvacancy1005d ago

You must blink quicker than the rest of us if you think the fps is that bad on PS4, i've had no problems I would say so otherwise

NuggetsOfGod1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Or... ps4 is not a beast?

If you say a game goes lower than 25fps your trolling.

25-30fps is still meh

Low expectations is a b1tchm.....

Good more options on pc!
DS4 ftw!

psman0121005d ago

Not sure about the X1 version but I've experienced a few lags on my PS4. Definitely not game breaking but there is apparent lag

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ANIALATOR1361005d ago

Dualshock 4 on PC would be ace

Mega241005d ago

Yes it would, K/M is great, but sometimes gets exhausting while in conversations.

Khajiit861005d ago

I use it for games like Witcher 3 and SOM.

ThanatosDMC1005d ago

Hopefully they also change the button graphics instead of using the Xbox controller graphics. Been hating that for most of my PC games that support controllers.

GrimmQuiorra1005d ago

Made this account hoping to help in regards to this.

There's a program called "Input Mapper" that allows you to use a DS4 controller on most PC games.

Some games will still recognize the controller as an Xbox 360/One controller (X, Y, Rb, Lb Etc) but you will still be able to use your DS 4.

Hope this Helps :D

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kraenk121005d ago

I was really surprised they don't support the DS4 natively, even though it works totally fine with XBox symbols. Would prefer Triangle amped Square anyway.

Khajiit861005d ago

Native support is always good. I owned Xbox, and Xbox 360 with of course all PS consoles so if triangle or Y pop up it just comes naturally.

Shinuz1005d ago

Yes yes more games with ds4 on pc please!! Even though the program i use to make mine work on pc is wonderfull, official support is always better.

ANIALATOR1361003d ago

Which programme do you use?

Shinuz1003d ago

Its called Ds4Windows, works really great. I have mine setup over bluetooth and it works flawlessly.

Just google it, there's 2 version of the program but the best one (in my opinion) is the one done by Jays2Kings.

Roccetarius1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Some Cheatengine users are already trying to create a photo mode ( PC ) with free camera and such, so that should be interesting. I'm already using the FoV change, and it makes it much better to play for me.

Han_Nolo1005d ago

What FoV change are you talking about? I don't know about this.

Incidentally, do you know of a screenshot key for non-Steam users?

Roccetarius1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

It's only a temporary fix until something more permanent, but download the file on top of this page. Use F2 to enable / disable and + / - num pad keys to change FoV. http://forum.cheatengine.or...

You need Cheatengine to run this as well, obviously.,xU... First image is default, the second is changed to 90. Cutscenes seem out of place with this, so you will have to enable / disable it in that case.

Screenshots i'm not sure about, other than using the print screen key or Raptr, but the latter has poor quality screenshots.