Eurogamer: Quantum of Solace: The Video Game Preview

Eurogamer writes: "My enduring memory of Casino Royale is the scene where Daniel Craig wades out of the ocean in his speedos. Apparently this vision of slick-skinned beefcakery caused some viewers to swoon, and understandably so. Me, I was simply staring in incredulity at the size of the man, thinking "bloody hell, how does he move? Look at the size of those muscles on his shoulders - can he even lift up his arms with those dog-sized lumps of meat squatting on top?"

Quantum of Solace provides the answer to this query. This is most certainly not somersaults-over-the-rooftops Bond. This is Bond as lumbering hulk, more rifle-wielding rugby player than graceful super-spy. It's like steering a rhino. A rhino with a sub-machinegun. While this might well reflect Craig's shaved-gorilla physique, it's perhaps not the sort of kineticism and athleticism many might expect or hope an e-Bond to possess."

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Tomdc3799d ago

gunna be an awesome game.