The 5 best PS4 exclusives (so far)

MyGaming: "If you’re on the fence about buying a PS4, this list of impressive PS4 exclusives should help make that decision a whole lot easier."

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DonkeyDoner1069d ago

I'll put driveclub over killzone no offense but Guerrilla can do better than that

SmokingMonkey1069d ago

I loved Killzone SF? Everyone complained about KZ being to gray, and they deliverd on colors on Vekta. The multiplayer is also superb, IMO no auto aim sours a lot of people on KZ. but to each his own, I just can't do driving games...I just can't.

leogets1069d ago

I put the last of us,the order and driveclub. Wasnt impressed with shadowfall or infamous.the others i aint played cos they aint my cuppa tea..