DiRT Rally Hands-On Preview – Could This Be The Best Rally Game Since 2004? | COG

COG Writes: "Codemasters recently invited gamers to join them with the release of DiRT Rally on Steam Early Access. We decided to jump behind the wheel to see if Codemasters was able to take off-road racing to a new level of realism. Did they succeed? Read on to find out."

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hennessey861008d ago

obviously being early access it has its flaws, but the foundation is strong and if they keep improving it there is no doubt we will finally have a rally sim to take the reigns from Richard burns rally

MRBIGCAT1008d ago

Completely agree! With the right tweaks and fixes this game could be the best rally game in over a decade.

tricotronic1008d ago

i want this to have on my ps4!
sooo, anyone know will it come?
i just bougth a prion3 .... aiiii...

Skate-AK1008d ago

My guess is a year. Maybe a little more. It is still in Early Access on Steam.

Dark_Vendetta1008d ago

They already said the game will launch at the end of this year, and if it's successful it will get ported to the consoles. I haven't had this much fun in a racing game for a long time, so I really hope it sells well and Codemasters can launch it across all platforms


I hope it comes to PS4 and X1.

Anyone remember "Rallisport Challenge"? I think it was developed by DICE.

Those 2 were the best rally games on original Xbox

Wikkid6661008d ago

Rallisport was amazing!

mcstorm1008d ago

Ide love to see Rallisport on the xbox one again or the PG team do a Forza Rally. Looking forward to seeing more of this game though.

Digital_Anomaly1008d ago

I'm just a lowly console peasant so I haven't had the chance to dive into a lot of the crazy good sims out there for PC but I'm a huge rally fan. Not sure if this would be the title to push me over the edge to a new rig but it's a start!

Man, Rallisport Challenge was hands down one of my favourite race games ever. I enjoyed the DiRT series but it never quite did it for me like RC did.

Skate-AK1008d ago

This game wjll come to console. The other two did and I really don't see Codemasters skipping two very profitable consoles. They need the money.