Ars Technica Preview: H.A.W.X. rocks Ubisoft's E3 room

Ars Technica writes: "My visit to the Ubisoft E3 room during the week was pretty productive. In addition to boarding with Shaun White and yelling with EndWar, I saw brief glimpses of Prince of Persia and FarCry 2. But easily the most surprising title in the company's room was H.A.W.X., a new flight combat game from the company. I typically hate these kinds of games, but Ubisoft has made one significant change to the formula that drew me in.

On the surface, H.A.W.X. looks and plays very similar to Ace Combat: it's more arcade-y than realistic, very pretty to look at, and very difficult to play at first. The game's areas, including Rio de Janiero, are built from real satellite data in high-definition, making the game like "flying over Google Earth on steroids," as the rep so eloquently put it."

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Meresin3799d ago

Sounds potentially interesting. I'll definitely be checking out the demo.

I wonder if it is also going to utilize some voice commands, like Endwar. Think I heard that somewhere.