The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt With SWEET FX

Want to get similar settings or better than the gameplay video shown in 2013? Just install the SweetFX. It makes the game look much better then the vanilla and no need to wait REDkit

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Hasswell-NeverCold1181d ago

I'm using that. It does make a bit of a difference.

Sethry1011181d ago

I am using SweetFX on mine, and whole it doesn't do anything for the low res grass, it does change the lighting and colour to much closer to the original trailers.

WonderboyIII1181d ago

Video of my SweetFX preset: (The witcher 3 2013 preset)

MoeStedley1181d ago

A developer diary from 2014. And somehow this is the SweetFX preset you made? Sure....


Dynasty20211181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Cant get any SweetFX to work, they just darken the game even though the overlay says the settings are applied successfully. is the one I'm trying to use.

Afterburner closed, Steam closed.

At work now so I think I'm going to reset my Nvidia CP that has Witcher 3 forced AA and Vysnc adaptive, AA off in-game.

Scroll lock doesn't do anything so I suspct there's a setting conflict going on somewhere.

WonderboyIII1181d ago

Turn off anything that overlays. Remove any profiles that configure the game from driver panels.

MoeStedley1181d ago

Ugghh was this recorded on a potato?