Nintendo of America hires Doug Bowser as new VP of sales

Today, Nintendo of America announced that Doug Bowser has been hired as its new Vice President of sales.

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N4g_null1010d ago

Next up is wario! Nintendo is restructuring the ranks for some thing big! If this guy runs around in a bowser suit that would be golden.

uptownsoul1010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

With a name like Bowser, how was Doug not already working at Nintiendo?!?!?

uth111010d ago

they didn't even read his resume past his name. ;)

N4g_null1010d ago

The EA made them shutter, but I'm sure he is in an interrogation room being asked.... ummmm what happen to all of those EA launch games you guys promised?

1010d ago
3-4-51010d ago

* Bowser Joins the Battle !

Kal-V31010d ago

Don't Nintendo! IT'S A TRAP!!

1010d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.