The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Proper Comparison Screenshots Between Final Version & "VGX" Trailer

Remember the Wild Hunt village scene from the game’s VGX trailer? Well, good news is that this scene is present even in the final version of The Witcher 3. The bad news is that this scene shows some of the differences between the VGX trailer and the final build.

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redey31152d ago

Only the ignorant and the blind will say there was no downgrade. It's ok cause it's project red not ubisoft, yes? Anyway, even with the downgrade, the game looks fantastic to me.

Roccetarius1152d ago

Something else i noticed is how unnatural it looks in windy areas, but of course there's still much progress to make in that area.

NuggetsOfGod1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Cdpr already did a very honest interview about downgrading to fit ps4.

It's demanding even on atitan do to bad optimization.

Still looks like ps4 on a $1000 gpu lol smh

TheXgamerLive1152d ago

Haha no its not a downgrade. Many things here. Your comparing a PC trailer to possibly a console trailer images. Also in the original many things weren't added yet as in working code gameplay etcc as this wasn't a free roam. Silly children just enjoy the Fk out of the game and stop b#tchin.

redey31151d ago

And there goes your only bubble.

bomajed1152d ago

It's really sad to see this, I don't know what really happened!
Still this won't keep me from enjoying the game and it's still one of the best looking game I have ever played.

KionicWarlord2221152d ago

Looking at those screenshots the final version looks better. But leave it to neogaf to try to act like it isnt. Just look at how flat the vgx looks compared to final.

People arguing over not having as much fog then the vgx one? I cant this is ridiculous lol

d_g1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

I found this good comparison



WOW massive difference

i can't even believe this, it’s much more than Watch Dogs downgrade


Focus on the houses in the front and you will see it’s from the same place

Eyesoftheraven1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

And to think that regardless of the overall drop in visual fidelity, it's still quite demanding on even tip top hardware like the Titan X.

They both look really good, the VGX looks exceptionally good though. Like tech demos you see, e.g., like Agnis philosophy. It has a real sense of presence and cinema grade fidelity.

KionicWarlord2221152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

The major problem with this comparison is that everything inside that comparison from the clouds to the way the foliage looks exist in the game.

If you go into the swamp area the foliage looks really good there. There`s other parts deeper into white orchard that look truly amazing.

Everything you see in that gif exist in another place.

john21152d ago

Do note that this is the console version and not the PC version they compared in that gif

starchild1150d ago

Yes, they changed the vegetation and the time of day and weather is DIFFERENT, but there's no difference in the graphical quality itself.

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mogwaii1152d ago

Its sad that downgrades are now the norm :(

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