Some Destiny players have already hit the House of Wolves level cap

The House of Wolves launched 18 hours ago and many have already hit level 34.

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LackTrue4K1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

Really reflex the amount of dept the game has, or this user has found the DLC's flaws already...

I gave up on this game too fast, it has great gun play!! But felt way to repetitive....

Mega241007d ago

It lacks content, even with "expansions". I myself will take my time with witcher first before diving again into Destiny. First expansion hold me for like a week.

DivoJones1007d ago

Yep exactly. Choosing a new mission drops you in a spot, so my initial reaction was "yay a new area!" .. nope, just an old level backwards. Oooo some new shanks, and traps.. annnnd that's about it so far. Reading other posts and sites leads me to believe there isn't much else.

3-4-51007d ago

That isn't all there is to do though.

madmonkey011007d ago

people had it done within an hour. just took 3 nightfalls with lucky drops of etheric light to get it done.

--Onilink--1007d ago

yeah, with so many ways to get high level gear in this DLC, its no so much about getting to the cap, but taking the chance to upgrade your best old gear as well

JeffGUNZ1007d ago

This. Bungie said it won't be hard to level gear this time, it's about making your own unique guardian now. I beat the PoE on 34 (which was a blast and had a great pick up team) and used my first Etheric Light on the fatebringer. I have till September to get to level 34, but a Fatebringer from 300 to 365 is f'n amazing. Same with Ghally. I leveled that immediately to 365 and wow, the thing is a bigger cheat code now!

I am 33 right now and probably will hit 34 in the next couple of weeks, but I really do love how they lowered the upgrade trees to make it more realistic. I hardly leveled up legendary drops that I already had a better weapon, but now I do since it doesn't take long to get its perks unlocked to see how it plays. I got to say, this expansion is much more a step in the right direction then TDB.

It would be awesome if they dropped a raid in between HoW and Comet.

kayoss1007d ago

I reached level 34 last night for my hunter. I cant wait to do Crota's Raid with my level 34 guardian. I want to see how fast it would take me to take down those Crota.

RyanShutup1007d ago

Imagine VoG Hard Atheon... he's gonna get wrecked with a group of lv 34 guys with fully leveled IceBreakers (one pass I bet)

jmac531007d ago

@ryanshutup they should have raised the VOG level to at least 34 as well.

madmonkey011007d ago

@ryan, it only takes one pass at level 30 anyway if you have a good team.

madmonkey011007d ago

wont make a difference on normal because of the level cap.

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admiralvic1007d ago

"within an hour."

Perhaps in theory, but it's almost literally impossible. To pull it off within an hour you would have to unlock the strike, beat the nightfall, swap to your other characters and get the exact drop you want every time. Even if you don't mean within an hour of launch it isn't going to happen.

Anyway, I don't see why anyone thinks this is news. All you need is to beat Urrox 3 times and have an exotic, 32 - 35 once or beat the 32 twice and 34 once getting the right item from Judgements Chance.

madmonkey011007d ago

no lots of people had it done by 7pm gmt one hour after launch. , the nightfall was unlocked straight away so just went straight into 3 nightfalls.

Daggerjack1007d ago

Got back on destiny yesterday after months of not playing. I don't have neither expansions but i got from lvl 27 to lvl 30 pretty fast. Less than 3 hours kept playing pvp alot and then decided to level my stuff.

KwietStorm1007d ago

I wouldn't think this would surprise anyone.

RyanShutup1007d ago

Ew yeah but they wasted their armor cores on Dark Below raid gear? In my book that shit doesn't even count... haha!

JeffGUNZ1007d ago

Except for the hunters helmet. Man, that helmet looks out of Dead Space. I am keeping that as I love it more than any other helemt in the game. I have that helmet, the Alpha whatever chest (the one with the wolf face), and the Hunters PoE Gauntlets. I need to find legs I love, but I haven't been able to land a paid that look really cool. I have to say, the TDB raid gear looked good for hunters, but I am tired of it lol.

RyanShutup1007d ago

Good point that hunter helmet is badass! I have it equipped right now actually.

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